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11th August 2007, 04:00 AM
Hi Roger and others.

I've had the misfortune of purchasing a new 2007 Go board (139 liters) with leaking sidefin inserts. Later on the board was given a sauna treatment to get rid of the water inside the construction. Also, the inserts have been glued so that it is possible for me to ride normally until a new batch of boards is released. Needless to say, the warranty guarantees me a new board.

So I have now settled for exchanging the Go to a new freeride model, possibly the Futura (I hope you do not consider me jumping the gun too much). As almost always, I cannot decide which size to opt for. I am 66 kg and 175 cm and have just started to plane with the Go 139. I am also learning to get comfortable with harness and foot straps at the moment. Overall, I consider myself very fit and eager to learn, hence the preferred transition to a more high end model as it is possible at this point. Currently I am looking at the sizes 120-130 liters. I know there will be two models in this volume range, but which one should I select? I mean, would the 120+ model be too challenging at this stage (with the reduction in width), or should I solely think about the sails the board can carry (there is probably a 0,5 m2 difference between the models), or would the 120+ liter version be a viable option and provide me a livelier experience with more enjoyment in longer term compared to the 130+ liter model? I sail in the sea, and the wind range is usually 8-20 knots. I also noticed that I find the waves quite interesting (no kidding), as I've already experienced some quite strong winds during my summer holiday. However, what I am looking for is a board that I could use now as a learning tool and in the future in milder conditions.

I would appreciate to get some insight from the riders of my size or from anyone experienced (Roger, I am looking at you ;)). I know this is a noobish dilemma so sorry about that. I just want to make the most out of my decision.

Cheers all.

11th August 2007, 09:12 PM
Hi Magicmullet,
Unfortunately, you will loose some early planing as well as stability with the narrower (and narrower tail especially) Carve or Futura in the
122 -133 liter size range.
Since you are a lightweight @ 66 Kg (145.5 lbs.) you can get the same sort of performancfe from the 122 liter that other heavier sailors get with the 133.
Compared to your 80 cm wide (52.7 cm 1 foot off) Go 139, the Carve/Futura 122 liter is going to be around 68.5 cm wide with a 43.8 cm 1 foot off measurement.
This narrower width is going to take away some early planing performance in 8-12 knots.
But it may add a knot or 2 on the high end of the wind range for the board.
What size sails are you currently using on your GO 139?
The current Carve 122 seems to handle an 8.0- 8.5 m2 sails pretty well, but 6.5- 7.5 m2 is really the sweet spot, so you will need rigs in the full range from 6.5 -8.0 m2 to get the most performance potential out of the board.
You are lightweight and fit, so you should make the transition pretty easily, and then be on your way to even smaller hi-performance boards.
Hope this helps,

12th August 2007, 10:59 PM
Hello and thanks for the reply.

Currently I own only one rig consisting of a 460 cm mast and a 6,7 m2 sail (Severne Power Drive) so that fits in the range you suggested nicely. However, I would like to add one larger and one smaller sail in my quiver in the future (possibly a 5 and an 8 m2).

According to your points, the 122-liter model would indeed mean a little steeper learning curve, but I would gain a little in the high end. The thing is really, that I am looking for a more future proof board considering my weight, so I guess the 122-liter model would be ok then. However, I was a little unsure about the width for the 122 liter Futura you mentioned. I thought it was 71,something in width. I can be wrong though.


13th August 2007, 10:53 PM
Hi Magicmullet,
Have you seen the speccifications on the '08 Starboard Futura 122?
I don't have that information so I was guessing it would be similar to the '07 Carve 122.
If the Futura is indeed 71 wide, that might help slightly with early planing, but overall, with your 6.7 m2 rig you are still going to be limited to around 13=14 knots as your early planing threshold at your weight.
With a good powerful 8.0 you might bring that down to around 11-12 knots with really good pumping technique.
Hope this helps,

13th August 2007, 11:32 PM

Yes I saw the specifications while the 08-site was up, apparently by accident or for testing purposes. The width of the 122-and 133-liter versions were 71,+ and 76,+ cm (cannot remember the tail specs), respectively. Would this information sway your recommendation one way or other? Personally, when I look at the "big picture", the 122-liter version should still be ok for me, as the buoyancy of that board still enables even easy uphauling for a guy of my size. But again, I do not know the significance of the size difference. I mean, when I compare the chop handling and speed (122 preferred) vs. early planing and ease of use (133 preferred), in which category would I get more assets by selecting either of the models? Although I know it must be very hard to compare them directly.

Thanks in advance.