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8th September 2006, 06:14 AM
Hi all.

First of all my congratulations to the SB team for the forum functionality (post editing etc.) - it is much better than the 2006! The speed has also been improved.

Now to the question - I am looking for the "smallest safe WINTER board" (floating + dagger) to replace my Hybrid-Formula in moderate winds and the Rio-S seems appealing. I would have some questions about it:

- The specs of the Rio state a full EVA deck, but on the photos additional EVA areas are visible under the straps. Are the straps "double EVA padded" (deck + locally) or is the EVA present only under the straps and the deck is non-EVA?
- I would prefer NOT to have EVA throughout the deck - are there any alternatives?

- How does it work - does it "clip" in and out or is it possible also to use it "semi-deployed"?
- The specs state that it is sand-proof. Does it mean that there are no lips?

- Has anyone any experience in terms of speed on a reach compared to a large Sonic? The outlines seem quite similar, apart from the cutouts (I know that it is slower, but 1% or 30% ;))
- What about a Formula?

The Hybrid Formula does not handle chop very well at high speed and the strong gusts tend to lift the nose.
The Rio, being much shorter, should have a better control. Has anyone tried it in stronger winds/choppy water? How does it handle the situation?

The specs state that the weight is without the fittings - that probably means without the Clipperbox.
How much does it weight fully equipped (with straps, fin, dagger)?

I would prefer a narrower board (65-75 cm) for better moderate-wind handling, but haven't find any that fits the bill (dagger, 130-160L, 220-270cm long, wide tail). Have I overlooked something?

Thank you in advance for any input.
Fair winds to all.