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12th September 2007, 10:17 PM
the correct IMCS


Dear kevin

I am interested to buy for the next season 2008 the new f162 and 3 severne sails (11, 10, 9 m2) code red 2008.

Please help with at my following questions

For example the constructor recommends for the 11,6 the red line mast with IMCS 34.

• What happens if I use a mast with IMCS 35 in regard to the the power and performance of the sail?

• What happens if I use a mast with IMCS 33 in regard to the the power and performance of the sail?

• And finally what happens if I the correct IMCS but the length is 530 and not 550 as recommended?

Best regards


Kevin Pritchard
13th September 2007, 09:11 PM
The mast is a very critical part of the sail. It is like when the car says to put in gasoline and you try water in it.. It will not work very good. My best recomendation is to use the proper mast for your sail. Sail brands spend countless hours working on the right mast for the right sail. Best thing is to use the one they recommend!

6th April 2008, 06:57 AM
after some crappy luggage crew broke my mast I was forced to use a one coming from a different set - 1 IMCS difference was HUGE! especially with closing on the overpower line.
Using a stiffer mast may cause the sail to lag with reaction (did try UltimateRace with 30 IMCS that went with my Arrows, with Severne SSR - 29 req. - wouldn't open like it should) - same goes other way around -> sail req. stiffer mast (above mentioned arrows with the severne mast when they broked UR) would twist too much plus a proper downhaul could not be done in either case - wrong shape :(

final sentence - totally NOT recommend doing that - even at the expense of a heavier mast (I did bought a used 30%C Lance with 30IMCS from a local - thank God he had one!) do always use the proper stiffness!