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12th September 2006, 06:41 PM

I?m looking for the rangiest two board slalom solution and wonder if you cold support me a bit here. I have already decided to limit the lower end to an iSonic 122, on which I intend to use a 9,0 and 7,5 freerace sail. With that given, the question is what iSonic to pick as the high wind alternative: The iS 87 or the iS 94. Spontaneously I feel like going for the iS 94, but I?m uncertain if there?s too much of an overlap between the 122 and the 94.

Since I am on a limited budget, one convenient thing about choosing the iS 94 in front of the iS 87 is that I probably could get away with only three sails for the two boards. The 9.0 and the 7,5 for the iS 122 and 7,5 + 6,0 for the iS 94. Does this sound like a reasonable slalom quiver ?

I have approx. 10 years of experience from our sport and I sail coastal conditions, ranging from flat to moderate chop. Rider weight is 85 kg.

/ Andy

13th September 2006, 05:38 PM
Hi andy, I do not belong to the Starboard team but have been using a Sonic 95 this Summer with Maui Sails TR-2 6,6 and 7,6.
I can tell you that the 7,6 is perfectly useable on the Sonic 94, but I am sure that if those are the conditions, then a bigger board would feel much better under such a big(gish) sail. So I guess you would very seldom use the iSonic 94 + 7,5 combo, since you probably would prefer to use the iSonic 122 with that sail size. The Sonic 95 (and iSonic 94 should be very very similar to it) should be perfect for something around 7,0, it still is really OK for a 6,6 and I guess it would be still fairly nice with a 6,0, but then the 87 would be better by sure. Point is that, IMHO: 1) 87 + 122 leaves a fairly large gap uncovered, 2) 94 + something around 6,5 can still be easily held down in really foul conditions, 3) then it is all down to how often do you sail in well over 25 knots winds with your slalom boards, or how useful a 6,0 is to you vs. a 6,5. Also consider that 6,5 7,5 and 9,0 would be a nice combo.

Chris Pressler
14th September 2006, 12:26 AM
Hi Andy,
you made great two board solution. In my opinion you can sail on the sonic 95 or isonic 94 sails up to 7.5 m without any troubles. KP sailed also a 9.0 in Sylt. Use fins up to 38 cm on the 95, at max perhaps a 40 cm one. With the bigger isonic 122 you can carry a 10.0 m sail as well, with 9.0 it?s quite easy. With the 7.5 you will have alot of fun on the isonic 122, too. Anyway, I sail this season 5.8, 6.6 and 7.6 on the sonic 95. On the isonic 125 the 7.6, the 9.0 and sometimes a 10.0. In really strong wind the sonic 95 gets big and you will think about having a smaller board (isonic 87 or sonic 85).
Believe that the sonic 95 is great one for choppy and as well wavy conditions blasting downwind. Best sizes in between 6.0 and 7.0 m.
But with your two boards decision you will cover most of the conditions.
All the best,