View Full Version : Which iSonic 96 or 101 and s-type 93 or Futura 93

31st January 2008, 09:28 PM
Hi Kevin

I'm 180 and weigh 69 kg. I already have an iSonic 101 2007 model and looking to replace it with the 101 2008 model or 96 2008. My biggest sail is a 7.2 and won't be using the board with anything less than a 6.2. I sail in offshore choppy conditions about 500m from the shore so upwind is imperative. Although I'm extremley happy with the 101 do you think the 96 would be better suited for my weight.

Also from 5.7 down I am planning to use a s-type 93 or a Futura 93. My main aim here is to go as fast as possible but to be able to jump/chop hop, do high speed laydown jibes,duck jibes, 360's etc etc. Although the Futura 93 is probbaly a faster board wouldn't you agree that the s-type 93 is looser as it's narrower and will be easier to jump and more manouverable.

Your insight will be much appreciated. Many thanks


Kevin Pritchard
5th February 2008, 03:15 PM
Van, it sounds like the 101 is the perfect size for the range of sails you are talking about. My theory is if it aint broke dont fix it.. So stick with the 101 2008 and you will be stoked. As for the Stype 93, I have always loved this board. One of my favorites in the range!

Hope this helps.