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mark h
14th September 2006, 10:13 PM
Does the F161 still have the "side cut aways" in the tail, I cant make them out in the pictures. Did racers find any benefit with them on last years F160?

Also, I'v just noticed that I can get the new Drake R19 + 8cm as an after market product. Which is going to be the most powerfull on super light winds, the Drake R13 75cm + 6cm, or the Drake R19 +8 70cm.


15th September 2006, 02:16 AM
Side cuts are still on the 161 and i found them ok on the 160. Felt a litlle better in releasing the water on the downwinds. But I never tested it one on one.

If you really consider a after market fin then save up some more and buy a custom. They are lighter and a better option and worth the extra bucks (although they are scarry expensive).

I have a R13 for three years now and it is still in great shape. Also the R19 will be available as a custom and be lighter then the Drake.

Remember that only that 70 cm in the water must deliver all the goods to counter the force from you and your sail against the water. It is a very significant part of the whol combo. Be prepared to invest some money in it and you will have significant greater performance.

Even if the Drake fins look and feel great (a bit heavy) I have not been using them on the 160 159 or 158. They where all sold with the board again never even been in the board or in the water. Always sailed these boards with the R13 soft from +4 upto +8. B)

mark h
15th September 2006, 04:53 AM
I guess the side cut aways must work, I'v just taken a close look at the picture of FRA421 on the main page, from the pattern of the wake in the water, I can now see and understand how the work.

The Drake R19 70cm/R13 75cm is to replace a 4-year old C3 Bravo 70cm, I'v got a couple of Bogies formula fins and like them alot, but I believe that Bogie is out doing over things now so new Drake R19 seemed like a good choice. There only ?95 over here compaired with ?250 for a Deb. No used R19 around as yet.


16th September 2006, 04:04 PM
I know that almost 200 is a big difference but I would gladly save some more and get the deboichet, hence you can order now and save for several more months because delivery time is up to around 4-6 months :)

If I was to buy a new 161 you could get my drake for 90 and i would get a deboichet, no second thoughts about that.

Anyway, surfing is about having fun on the water so anyway you choose is up to you, the fun factor will not change a lot as long as you have not tried a deb. you will not miss it either :)

17th September 2006, 12:20 AM
Hi All,

Just remind you that the Formula rules is still 70cm, so the R 19 is the best choice for the next season.

The Formula Windsurfing Class will organise a trial for the 75cm fin in 2007 to propose it again for the change rule for 2008.

All the best