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4th February 2008, 01:39 AM
can someone tell me what board is more better in a way to survive
impact from the mast or something else?

Does more money(wood) is realy better than Technora?

Or it is just lighter? And the strenght is the same as Technora.

I am recreational windsurfser, prefering rather little bit more strenght
board, with little bit less performance.


4th February 2008, 03:53 AM
Hi Alen,
OK, here's my analysis on the inherent strengths of Starboard's WOOD construction vs Starboard's Technora construction.
I've had quite a few WOOD construction boards in my demo fleets (probably 40 boards at least since I started in 1999 with Starboard) and I've had perhaps half that many DRAM (the predecessor to Technora) boards.
The main differences are:
Weight....... the DRAM/Technora boards all weighed 1-2 lbs. (0.45-0.91 Kg.) more than the same board in the WOOD construction.
Impact strength...... First, I've only had about 3 Technora boards, and none of them were ever damaged, so I have to give you my advice/experience based on the DRAM boards in my fleets. Technora may be a little better at absorbing impact than DRAM was.
If you whack a WOOD board with a mast hit (you went over the handlebars in a catapault wna were unable to "steer" the mast away from the nose) it will get a mild dent that mirrors the diameter of the mast where it struck the board.
If you hit it really hard, sometimes the damage extends through the upper laminate, damages the core foam between the top and bottom laminates of the nose, and even kind of "explodes" the laminte under the nose. But this in on very thin, full WOOD construction Formula and race boards that have the lightest possible construction.
If you hit a DRAM/Technora board with the same force that just puts a "depression" in the nose of a WOOD board, the damge is usually a little more extensive as the DRAN/Technora constructions do not handle impact quite a well as Wood because they are harder and tend to crack.
If you whack a Technora/DRAM board with the same force it takes to explode the bottom of the nose on a WOOD board you will have more damage and over a larger area as the Technora/DRAM cracks a bit more away from the center of the damage.
Repair...... It's not easy and takes a real craftsman (almost an artist) to repair a WOOD board so the damage is not apparent because you have to match the wood grain and dry the adjacent wood out completely.
It's relatively much easier to repair a Technora/DRAM board because you only have to get a good color match for the paint you apply over your repair.
I know this does not directly answer your question, but for recreational sailing, the Technora should be fine, the WOOD a little better, but does that justify the additional cost for you?
Only you can make that decision.
Overall the WOOD looks great when it's new, and then it yellows (from UV exposure) over time and a 5 year old board may not look so good. A 5 year old DRAN/Technora board will appear to be in much better shape because while the paint may have faded a bit (UV exposure again) it's still pretty much the same color all over.
Hope this helps,

4th February 2008, 04:21 PM
thanks a lot for your point of view, I will take a day or two
to think and then I will make a decission.