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Roly Gardner
6th February 2008, 11:40 PM
Hi Roger,

I know you have spent some time explaining this to me before, but I wonder if you could humour me once more?

I now have a quiver as follows;5.0m;5.7m;6.5m;7.8m.

My board is a 2003 Carve 145 which came with a standard straight profiled 52cm fin. I bought a 40 cm, slightly curved profile fin as I found that, when beach starting the longer fin was stopping me getting away from the beach. Not necessarily the reason to alter the fin I know but I was advised by one of the local guys to go to a smaller fin.

I managed to get the right size bolts and sand the new fin to fit as per your instructions, thank you. My question is how big a sail can I use with the smaller fin please?



7th February 2008, 05:55 AM
Hi again Roly,
OK, some things you need to ponder when selecting a fin.
First, fin size is not just about sail size.
Sailor weight and size can figure into the overall geometry.
Tail width of the board is another factor.
I would think that you could fairly easily use a 40 cm fin with
your 6.5 m2 rig.
For the 7.8 m2 rig the stock 52 might be better, and I'm pretty sure you
will find that you have to develop some pretty blazing speed before the
little 40 cm "feels" as solid as the 52 cm vertical fin.
Also, how "powered up" you are is going to make some difference also.
If you are really "powered up to overpowered, you can use a smaller fin.
If you are only reaching back and forth across the true wind, a smaller fin
can work.
If you have to get upwind alot (or stay upwind) then you'll want a larger
So, lots of factors here, and you really need to go out and try all your fins with
all your different size rigs.
If you are "easy" with your back foot on the 40 cm, it could work with your 7.8 m
Conversely if you are a "fin pusher" or a big heavy guy (these two seem to go hand in hand) then you may find that the stock 52 cm fin works better with your 3 larger rigs and you only need the 40 cm for the 5.0 in nukin' conditions.
Hope this helps,

Roly Gardner
7th February 2008, 05:27 PM

Thanks for the guidance. I will get out there and experiment a bit.

As always, thank you for your advice.