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19th September 2006, 08:30 PM

I have bought a 2005 Evo. It has a 205 fin which has seen a bit of sand grind.
I use it in cross on and cross off.
I use sails from 3m to 5m
I have Northshore 7&3/4 and Northshore 8&1/4 fins in my existing quiver. (197 and 209)
They are a bit more upright than the Drake.
I weigh 62kg

What do you recommend?



ps Sorry if this has been answered before but the search wasn't working when I tried.
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19th September 2006, 09:59 PM
Hi Ronnie,

Fins is a highly personal thing and dependent on the conditions, especially wave fins. All three of the fins you have can work really well. Out of these three, I only have first hand experience with the Drake Evolution 205. Its a pretty thin profiled fin, which despite not being super small handle small sails (3.5) very nicely for me (70 kg). I used it with a 5.0 too sometimes, but if you're sailing onshore or cross on conditions or have a dwonwind current, you might want to look for something bigger. The 8.25" North shore could be an option, but is not neccesarily more powerful, you have to compare them in a test to know.

If you're in the market for a new fin that would cover the 5.0 I would suggest the 2006-2007 Drake Natural. This is a G10 fin and as such much more resistant to tear and wear. They sail very small for their stated size, and I think the 22 would be the perfect size for you as a big fin. For me the 22 works great with a 5,0 but actually I've used it all the way down to 3.5.. All my friends that have tried the Drake Naturals confirm they have an extraordinary range.

If you after trying your current fin fins you really want to step the fin size up, even the Drake Natural 23 might be an option. A friend of mine who is a good wave sailor and about your weight likes this size a lot all the way down to 4.5.

20th September 2006, 05:53 AM

If you happen to have the NorthShore Wave onshore fins (made of blue and white polyester in 2003), they have much more surface both mid-section and at the tip than the Drake Natural CNC. It could be that your Drake 205 might feel much smaller than the 7.75" NorthShore in fact ...

I think your NorthShore 8.25" is large enough with your 5.0 sail on Evo 70 for your 62 kg. FYI, I'm using a NS 8.50" with a 5.4 sail on Acid 62 (65kg) when it's light wind or when it's windy, a Select Pro Wave 20.5 cm (less surface at the tip).

Cheers !