View Full Version : iSonic 111+86 vs 122+101?

24th March 2008, 07:39 PM
Ohla dr Pritchard..

i have a question regarding iSonic and slalom 42. i`m not sure what to choose. my weight is 74 kg and 180 cm. you think it`s better with the 111 and 86 for me because of my weight?? i raced pwa sylt last year and many of the sailors had 122 and 101.

can i ask what types of fins do you use for different sails and boards?? i do have severne this year.


Fredrik NOR-10

Kevin Pritchard
25th March 2008, 12:38 AM

I would go with the 86 and the 101. This is the what combo I am using. I use Debiochet fins for all my boards and sails. I am on Gaastra this year.

Hope this helps.

26th March 2008, 03:40 AM
thanks for quick answer. good luck with gaastra. very nice sails..
can i ask you one more question? I have read some old articles and you are fan of the SL4? Is this the one you use for the full sail range?? or do you ex have SL2 for bigger sails for earlier planing in light wind condition?? am i right in that SL4 is a bit faster in down wind and easier to gybe because of the shape? with the SL4 the board will be heavier in the water and longer untill topspeed? but when your`re powered up your`re more comf with more control and less lift??

what do you think of this?

9.0 42 and 46 SL2
8.3 42 SL2
7.7 38 SL4
6.7 36 SL4
6.1 34 SL4
5.6 32 SL4

thanks again..

Kevin Pritchard
29th March 2008, 12:27 AM
i like the SL4 42 alot. I have not tried the bigger ones but I used that pretty much exclusively last year.. I am not sure you need so many fins.. I think you could get away 44 42 and 36 34 32 Sl 4's.

I pretty much used sl4 42 and 34 the entire season.. They have a lot of range.