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3rd April 2008, 08:38 PM
Hi Roger,
Glad to hear you're fine.

A group of friends would like to take a vacation in Hatteras soon. The abilities range from beginners to intermediate sailors. None of us have ever been there. Could you please recommend some beaches to launch from that are beginner friendly. We don't have the accommodation settled yet. Is there anything you could recommend, the closer to water the better. We would like to rent a house/condo but don't mind staying in the campground either.

Should we take our formula equipment with us or the boards ranging from 100-135 liters would take care of most of the conditions. What size sail people use the most?



3rd April 2008, 10:42 PM
Hi Stefan,
When (what month) do you plan to come to Cape Hatteras?
You can rent a house and stay for not too much $$ in April/May/ very early June.
Then the "high season" sets in and the rents go way up.
You can rent soundfront and sail safely from the front of your house, but it will cost significantly more.
As far as were to sail, if you get a soundfront house or one a few houses back with water access, then you will sail in the sound adjacent to the house.
If you camp, or rent something with no water access, then you can sail at the Canadian Hole between Avon and Buxton. There's a deep water hole just a little ways off shore, but once beyond that the water is knee to waist deep for miles.
There are some nice campgrounds with showers etc. in Avon, and more in Buxton, plus several up the island in Salvo/Waves/Rodanthe.
If you stay up the island there are some launches and a shop up that way as well.
Bring your formula boards, but don't bring your big fins.
The Pamlico Sound is very shallow, and has both sandbars and weeds that make weed fins pretty much mandatory.
The general rule for visiting Hatteras is "bring everything".
It can be dead calm in the morning and blowing 25 knots from the SW/NW/NE in the afternoon. The weather changes alot, but rarely do we get more than a day or 2 of no wind.
It can go to 35-40 knots as well and the temps can change from heavy wetsuits to rash guards and shorts in a 2 day period.
So, bring everything you can and you'll probably still need a weed fin or something. There are plenty of shops here and they have good selections of quality weed fins that work in this area. Pretty good prices also.
Tell me when you are coming down and I can suggest campgrounds and rental house companies.
If you are coming soon, remember that the Frisco Woods Windfest is April 17th-19th this year.
Hope this helps,

9th April 2008, 11:56 PM
Thank you Roger. Great info. We would like to come this month (April), probably in 2 weeks. Could you please estimate the current water temperature? I'm going to bring everything then, including my steamer wetsuit but it'd be nice to sail in a little bit warmer water than the lakes in Midwest at this time. The concern I have is that some of the other guys are not so well equipped and I don't want them to suffer there:)

10th April 2008, 05:08 AM
Hi Stefan,
No worries!
If some of your "other guys" don't have appropriate gear for a particular day, they can
rent boards/rigs/wetsuits (whatever they need) for the day at one of the several shops on Hatteras Island.
I hope to be on the Island around when you will be there, so look me up.
Next week is the Windfest, so if you can come around the 17th-19th you can demo all sorts of new gear just by showing up and paying a few bucks to local charities to get into Frisco Woods.
The water temps are warm enough most days that you midwestern "cold water" types will think it's the middle of the summer.
It's above 60 deg.now and climbing each day.
Hope this helps,