View Full Version : Futura 133 + 9,0m2 sail = Which FIN?

19th April 2008, 11:33 PM
I will get my new Futura 133 next week and I have 2 sails 7.5 & 9.0m2.
Originaly I will get FIN 48 which will be good for the 7.5 sail, but I expect
that for the 9.0 sail it will be better to have 54cm fin.

For example I check this with Sail Calculator software what will be ideal
FIN according to my sail 9.0 and my weight 95 kg (without wetsuit,...)
This 9.0m2 sail I use in marginal wind conditions, And I wont to have
good upwind capabilities, I suppose that my weight will influence a lot?

So I saw in the board description that it accepts fins up to 50cm! If I put
fin fin 54cm will this be OK?

22nd April 2008, 08:02 AM
Hi prpa,
The website board specifications suggest that the Futura 133 comes with a std. Tuttle
fin box, as does the larger Futura 144.
There is normally no problem with putting a std. Tuttle fin up to about 58 cm in a board with a std. Tuttle fin box. At about 60 cm and larger you could run into a problem with the shallower std. Tuttle. That's why fins longer than 58 cm usually come only with Deep Tuttle fin roots.
You may find that the stock R13 Race SL 480 works pretty well when you are powered up, even on your 9.0 m2 rig. When underpowered, a 6 cm larger fin may get you plaing a bit earlier, and may help you stay upwind, due to the longer span and more surface area in the foil.
If you are not planing, the larger fin really won't help you to stay upwind.
When "slogging" you will need to use the shape in the bottom of the board and the upwind rail to sail upwind.
You may find that aftermarket 54 cm fins are a little too large/powerful and may slow you down slightly on the top end.
So, there will be no problem with using the 54 cm aftermarket fin, but finding one that's really "matched" with the Futura 133 may take more than one try.
Hope this helps,

22nd April 2008, 10:54 PM
Hi Roger (and well renowned other member of the forum windsurfis initialis)
Since we're discussing finlengths anyway i thought i'd jump in with my question.
A mate of mine is donating his aerotech VGM? (2000, aerotech doesn't keep too old records, so i'm just guessing) 8.8 and i was wondering if i'd need a 52 fin for my GO139? I'm a bit afraid that i'll spin out on the 48, what do you (guys) think?

26th April 2008, 09:14 AM
Hi Crazy Chemical,
Sorry for the delayed reply, but I had to make a quick trip (1,909 miles in 3 days) to Florida to pick up 4 boards for my 2008 Starboard demo fleet.
The 8.8 m2 Aerotech VMG is a very powerful sail.
It should be OK on the GO 139, and a slightly larger fin will help you to get planing eariler.
A 6 cm increase in fin span is pretty normal and the 52 should be about right.
But, how much you "pressure" the fin will have alot to do with how the whole package "balances".
If you are pretty "light" on the fin, and are not trying to chase the Formula guys upwind, the 48 cm could be OK.
On the other hand, the 52 (or even up to around 56-58 cm) will certainly help you get going sooner.
There will be a limit to how fast you can go (control issues like "tailwalking" here) with the larger fins, but normally with a sail size as large as 8.8 m2 this is not normally an issue.
A 7.5 m2 with really good top end is where you would begin to see tailwalking in about 18 knots.
Hope this helps,

26th April 2008, 03:29 PM
thanks Rog, just what i wanted to hear. I'll give it a shot with the 48 before i invest in a 52-54 fin cuz i already had to invest in the 520 mast for the sail and since i'm on a tight budget i'd rather not buy any unnecesseties. I'll just wait for the people on the dutch forum to start selling their freeride fins and wait for the right opportunity.
My mate told me the VMG is real powerfull and seeing it fully unrolled and feeling the cambers it should offer me the ride i want in 10 knots. One last question, it's a 2000 sail so it still has a 'sheer tip' but my made ruined the batten so i was wondering if i can fly without it? Seeing as none of the modern sails have it i suppose it's possible. I do have some old battens from the good ole days when you could fully remove the battens and fold your sail, you think those could do the trick?