View Full Version : S-type 93 vs iSonic 86?

7th May 2008, 01:57 PM
Hi Kevin!
I asked this question in "ask our team" forum, but didn't get response from the team. I would like to hear your opinion because I remember you said that stype93 was one of your favourite boards...

I would like to get a board for slalom racing in very rought water conditions, for winds from solid 20knots up to 30-40.

I am 80kg, competing at national level, and I will use this board in full power 6.7 conditions down to 5.5.

Which board is easier in chop and gusty winds from the two above? Futura 93 is not an option for me because it is not registered at ISAF...

By the way, our "national" level racing is not as pro as PWA, and races in 30-40 knots are mostly won by guys who make good starts and jibes, top speed is not so important because the water is so rough that you are on the edge all the time. I would really like to have a board that is super easy and still fast enough!

Which one is easier? Older, bigger volume st93 or newer, smaller is86?


Kevin Pritchard
11th May 2008, 03:45 PM
I would go with the Is 86 no question. Easy choice really. The ST 93 is still one of my favorite boards but the IS 86 sounds exactly what you are after!