View Full Version : Gaastra GTX

15th May 2008, 04:42 PM
Recently switched from NP V8 to '08 Gaastra GTX & FS 7000 mast. Love the looks and construction of the GTX. However, rigging is a royal pain. Sliding the mast through the cambers is really destroying my brand new mast. After a couple of time so use, there's already major scratches and gouges running vertically up the bottom part of the mast. Sprayed the mast with McLube for the next time.

Do you think backing off the tension on the cambers before rigging/derigging would work?

I don't understand why Gaastra would constuct the GTX with such a narrow luff sleeve. I've been rigging my V8's for years sliding the mast over the cam battens without any rigging hassles. I would much prefer that method.

Not sure if you have had any experience with the GTX yet. Thought I'd ask.

Kevin Pritchard
16th May 2008, 06:05 PM
Sorry, cant say that i do. But I will let the sail designer know. Thanks