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25th September 2006, 05:40 PM
Hi All,

got my iSonic 105 yesterday, I was lucky enough to be able to test it immediately in salwater, flat/small chop, 16-18 knots,sail rs4 7,2, fin 40.

the board is simply fantastic: much easier than expected, I felt quickly comfortably ... fast !
I would even say that it is even easier to jibe than my old freeride: once you enter the jibe the isonic carves very sharply without loosing speed.

just a couple of questions about trim:
-footstrap position: tested all the way back (they were already there), what can I expect in the "center" position ? (more control, I guess).
-mast track: tested 1-2cm in front (from middle), board stable over chop, again any suggestion on "sweet spot".


Ian Fox
25th September 2006, 07:15 PM
Hi Bob,

Glad you like the board :)

Depends a bit on your weight (and height/stance) but in the lighter half of the board's windrange (or more typically, in flatter water and less vertical chop) the full back stance is usually faster. As the wind/chop builds (and correspondingly more power thru the rig, and rougher water) it's usually faster with the mid position, allowing a calming action onto the board while still providing heaps of leg drive.

For the mast track, with sails around 7.2, most conditions you will be fine with it right in the middle (50%) of the track. Initially this may leave the trim feeling just a big flighty, but a few runs and you should be fine and not looking back, In serious control situations, with very vertical chop, moving fwd 1-2cm wil help you plaster the board down onto the water, but for best speed in allround conditions with 7.2, try the middle. Once you've got any sort of decent power into the 7.2m, try the 34cm fin, the speed will take another surge.

Cheers ~ Ian

25th September 2006, 08:37 PM
Thanks Ian.

I am 175 cm tall and my weight is 67-68kg so as far as I understood the strap "mid" position improves control and is better for me as I am a "lightweight", correct ?

Can't wait for riding the board with the 34, well actually can't wait to ride it in any condition ! :D:D


26th September 2006, 12:52 AM
Hey Roberto. I'm 65kg and love my 105 too. I can confirm what Ian is saying. When you are powered up, the 34cm fin is great on a 7.7 (that's what I use). You will love this board as long as you pick a sail that will be get you powered up. When I get in mixed conditions, I find I want to switch to a board with more flotation so I'm not working so hard. For highwind conditions, I haven't played around with the footstrap position yet. I have them all the way back, and again can confirm what Ian was saying. The board exhibits control issues when I'm in chop that's all over the place. This weekend, I finally got a handle on controlling the board in 4.8 conditions, so I'm pschyed. I bought a 30cm fin for these conditions but there were too many weeds. I had to use my 32cm weed fin -- which worked out pretty good.

When things got out of hand, I switched to a 91L freeride board. I will say, I like how the iS jibes better than the freeride. I feel more power in the jibe, but the freeride can come around faster. On the freeride, I have to work more at exiting with speed, while the iS comes out of jibes with tons of speed.

I know the 4.8 sounds pretty small. I went the Hucker route. When I would have used a 5.5, I put less downhaul in the sail and it got me going just fine -- fully powered up. When the wind started to kick, I downhauled it past the recommended mark and the sail was very easy to control no matter what the wind did. I think I've found new life in high-wind windsurfing with this sail. When I replace my 6.0 and 6.6, I'll probably get a 5.6 hucker. I'm a fan.

26th September 2006, 06:01 PM
Thanks o2bnme, I think I'll keep straps in rear position and see if I can handle chop, I will consider moving them only in case of serious control issues.