View Full Version : 2nd board?

27th September 2006, 12:18 PM
Hi Kevin!

I own a HS111 Wood and can't decide what to do with it next year. Should I get a IS111 (as a "single board solution") or should I get a second board (is101, st115 or c101) for higher windrange?

I use a 8,5m? sail on my home-lake (small chop, windforce from 3 to 5 beaufort). On Lake Garda I sail 6,4m? and 5,4m?. In 5,4-conditions my HS111 is very physical to sail - I think a more conventional shape will be easier here. I'm an intermediate sailor with 72kg.

What would you suggest?
Thx a lot and all the best for you!


Kevin Pritchard
9th October 2006, 12:42 AM
I woudl go with the 101 and the 122 IS. They are the boards that are going to be in my quiver this next season.