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27th September 2006, 12:59 PM
I see Ian is riding a custom version of the Isonic 50. Whats different from the regular production version? I will be @ the http://www.50-knots.com for 6 weeks and would like to try the isonic 50 does Star-board have any riders in the Speed week in Nambia? I really want to get on this board, but it doesnt seem there are any in South Africa. The width looks like it will fit in my arsenal, just below my Tabou Manta (custom) 49 wide 63 litre.
cheers Darren

Currently sailing a Sonic 95 and averaging 37 knots (not bad for a big board)

27th September 2006, 08:42 PM
Hi dazzer. Ian had been using a number of different prototypes in the last 12 months but many of his best sessions were done on the proto that is exactly the same as the new production iSonic 50. He was very excited about that particular board and made sure sure its shape was translated exactly into the production board. I think one of the first of these was his session on the Easterly on Thursday, February 23, 2006 abd there were a few in June or July where he is already calling it the Isonic 50 proto.

I have just had my first sessions today on the production board and it definitly works for me! :D


29th October 2006, 01:31 PM
I have had a few sessions on this board now with some very good results. The best was Friday in really good winds but way less than ideal water conditions. The board is so stable and well behaved in the rough that it almost give me too much confidence and eventually I got in a bit deep and nearly had a big one. A 42.2 GPS average with 43.7 peak speed says a lot I recon.

Details here:

21st November 2006, 02:52 PM
Just got back from Walvis Bay (6 weeks) and no real wind to talk about. Finally got my hands on the Isonic 50 and its good, very stable. Did a 38.22 on the mile first time out, and a 41.6 on the 500, just wish I had more time on the board, only sailed it 4 times. I would love feed back about fins I used a f1 26, I tried the fins the come with tne board, a select 24 and a f1 22, nothing really worked well as the course was very square, I think a 24 would of been ideal. But bery happy with the board, now please bring out a 68-70 litre. cheers Darren

Ray Timm
11th December 2006, 10:20 PM
I sailed my iSonic 50 today for the first time in 18-24 knots with a TR-2 5.9. My last experience with a speed board was back in the late 80s when I had a chance to try a couple of the boards Pascal M and Fred H used when they were trying to break the world speed records. I didn't have a much luck getting them up to speed.

Although I'm now a much better sailor now than I was, I still was a bit reluctant about getting such a small specialized board.

My general impression of the iSonic:

Easy to get on plane for my 82 kgs. Just keep the nose off the wind and a little pump and you're away.

Very, very smooth through the chop.

No problem getting upwind to my starting point after a broad reach. Using the 26 cm fin I was nearly matching the upwind legs of my Sonic 100. Feels very balanced on all points of sail.

Gybes like a dream. Was a little nervous going into the first one since there was some 1' chop, but it slices through it like a knife through butter.

All in all I don't have any negative comments about it other than it is so smooth at speed that you think you're not going as fast as you are. Before you know it the shoreline is coming up at you a lot quicker than expected.

If you have any relatively flat water and want to go really fast, I'd recommend it to anyone who has some experience sailing small boards. It is a blast.