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3rd October 2006, 05:44 PM
Dear all I need your hepl to decide which board to buy.
? The set will have to be used by me and my wife. We are both quite experienced and good surfers, I?m 194 cm. 94 kg. , she is 170cm. 60 kg.
? We?d like to have no more that 3 boards
? We play windsurf mainly on a lake, sometime on the Mediterranean sea (Hyeres, Spain, Italy or Grece)
? Our sail range go from 3.3 to 7.0 actually
? On our lake we have similar condition to the Garda lake ones with little chop where I?d like to do little jumps.
? Actually we have: RRD wave cult 75 liters 2001, Carve 90 2003, Carve 111 2004.
? In August we have been in Maui and there my wife rent a naish Freewave 86l. 214 cm. and she fall in love with this kind of board

I?d like to buy 3 new boards for us and my idea is:
1. S-Type 126
2. Kombat 107 or 97
3. Kombat 87 or 79

What do you suggest?

Many thanks

5th October 2006, 02:43 AM
There are many possible choices, but the alternatives you present all seem fine. Both S-typ and Kombat are performance boards, but still easy riding. To find the sizes, I think you have to think about how easy sailing you want to have in light wind. 126 seems OK to me, but you could go both for bigger and smaller boards. For the smallest board, your wife has to decide. I think she will be the most at home on the Kombat 79. That just leave the size of the mid board which should work as a light winder for your wife and a high winder for you. A kombat ia a nice choice because its very versatile. As for sizing, I think both the 97 and 107 will work for your wife since she will be able to go for the 79 as soon as it gets windy/choppy. If the Carve 90 has worked OK as the mid board for you now, then I think the 97 will be best. It will still handle reasonably big sails and get going early but also handle rougher conditions better than the 107.

5th October 2006, 03:56 AM
Many thanks.