View Full Version : Go 129 vs Carve 133: HELP!

10th October 2006, 08:44 PM
Hi guys, I have a GO 165 since two years and 3 salis: 9, 7 and 5 m2.
I am 185 cm x 83 Kg. I can sail with harness and footstraps, and just lerned the waterstart. I want to move to a smaller board and I am thinking about the Carve 133 or the new GO 129. I saw that the shapes of the two boards are identical. In this case the GO features like EVA soft deck and the 3 straps position are more confortable. On the other hand I do not see which are the advantages of the Carve 133 vs GO129. Could you please help me? Which board is the best suited for me?
2nd question: with my actual GO 165 and 9 m2 sail I start planning at a wind speed of about 12 knots. If I go down to GO 129 or Carve 133 I guess that the early plannings are more difficoult. How many knots are needed then on these boards to plan with my 9 m2 sail?
Thanks, Paolo