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10th October 2006, 08:49 PM
Hi guys, I have a GO 165 since two years and 3 salis: 9, 7 and 5 m2.
I am 185 cm x 83 Kg. I can sail with harness and footstraps, and just lerned the waterstart. I want to move to a smaller board and I am thinking about the Carve 133 or the new GO 129. I saw that the shapes of the two boards are identical. In this case the GO features like EVA soft deck and the 3 straps position are more confortable. On the other hand I do not see which are the advantages of the Carve 133 vs GO129. Could you please help me? Which board is the best suited for me?
2nd question: with my actual GO 165 and 9 m2 sail I start planning at a wind speed of about 12 knots. If I go down to GO 129 or Carve 133 I guess that the early plannings are more difficoult. How many knots are needed then on these boards to plan with my 9 m2 sail?
Thanks, Paolo

11th October 2006, 12:15 PM
Hi Paolo,
Where did you see that the shape of the GO 129 and the Carve 133 are "identical"?
Here's the "spec's" from the products page:
Carve 133 133 252 71.5 46.8 8.05 7.7 5.4-9.0
GO 129 129 251 72.0 47.0 TBA 9.9 4.9-9.0
I would say that they may be "similar" but pure "outline dimensions" do not tell the entire story here.
The GO most likely has a more "wide board" rockerline where you will find the Carve has a more "fast freeride" rockerline.
While both board suggest your 9.0 m2 will work, at 83 Kg. I suspect you won't get planing very early on either of these boards. Maybe in 12 knots, but your weight is a big factor here and that would push the planing threshold up a knot or 2.
The GO 129 will most likely plane a little earlier (due to the rockerline) but it won't be a loose and turny as the Carve and won't be as easy to jibe.
I'd strongly suggest you try to "test drive" both of these boards before you buy one of them if that's at all possible.
Why do you feel the 3 footstrap positons on the GO 129 would be "more comfortable". The board will only reach it's full perfomance with the footstraps all the way back and outboard.
Th Carve has both inboard and outboard FS positions as well as some small adjustment front to back, so you have almost the same number of options with the Carve.
I think it's going to take pretty much 11-12 knots to get your 9.0 m2 and 83 kg. sailor planing.
Can you keep your GO 165 for light winds, and get a Carve 133 or 122 for stronger winds?
Hope this helps,

12th October 2006, 12:27 AM
Thanks Roger, it is clear what you say, but I have another question then: if the carve 133 is more freeride and less progressing then go 129 I would expect that carve could manage also stronger winds than go. On the other hand the minimum sail is 5.4 for carve 133 and 4.9 for go 129... Why thid difference, is it due to the fin or what else? Please, let me know... Thanks again in advance, Cheers, Paolo

Tiesda You
12th October 2006, 11:12 AM
Hi Spaniard,

Good to see that you're looking to take your windsurfing a step further. If you're considering an upgrade to the GO 165, I would thoroughly recommend the Carve 133. At the level you are at and as you enjoy sailing with more and more power in the sail, the Carve will offer more excitment. It will compliment the GO 165 nicely as Roger mentioned.

The wind range is pretty much the same for both the Carve 133 and GO 129. The GO 129 mentions a 4.9 as the GO boards are also designed to work with small sails with progressing sailors who do not plane fully yet.