View Full Version : Phantom vs iSonic 155

18th August 2006, 07:31 PM
I have narrowed down my light wind purchase for this year to these 2 boards.

What I enjoy the most, is freeriding in light winds, however, did many years of long-boarding (On F2 Lightning, which I see F2 have re-introduced) and sometimes miss the old sub-planing windsurfing which is never much fun on the large slalom boards I have owned.

It is obvious that in planing conditions the iSonic will be superior and more fun, and in sub-planing conditions, the phantom will be more superior and fun.

My favourite sail in light winds is an 8.5 mt Ezzy Infinity, but also have a 9.5 mt Arrows Formula Race sail, which has a massive draft but can feel like a handful, when the wind picks up.

What is the difference in planing thresholds between these boards, and how do they differ in performance characteristics.

I have 25 years wsurfing experience and am competent in most areas of the sport, without ever having reached any elite level.