View Full Version : Flare characteristics

16th October 2006, 04:00 PM
I have beenn told that 2006 Flare is rather different from other producers freestyle boards. It is faster and more freeriding than a pure an extreme frestyling board: is it true ? How is it changed the 2007 model from this poit of view ?

16th October 2006, 07:39 PM
I haven't ridden other recent freestyle boards than the Flare, but from mag reviews I would if anything conclude the Flare is every bit as much an "extreme freestyle board" as the offerings from the other brands. Top WC freestylers also use production Flares daily.

It is however also a very fast board. The rocker comes from a pure slalom board and the bottom is no-nonsense flat/v. But the reason for this is just to create speed which is the key - I'm told - to high level freestyle.

Personally I like the Flare for freerideing too. The center strap makes it less effectice than boards like S-typ or Kombat, but its still a nice freerider.
The changes to 07 includes a slightly thicker tail for more balanced sliding.

Hopefully Taty can comment on this too.