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18th October 2006, 05:55 AM
Hi, I got to try a full Slalom Tandem board a few weeks ago at a MOWIND regatta in Minnesota (Mille Lac Crossing), both of us were experienced sailors and we had two large sails on the board (a Tandem Horney designed board with a slalom cut) we used a 10.5m sail and a 9.2m sail on it and we were fully planing and it was so much fun.

I had so much fun that I am considering getting a Starboard Gemini to use for fun sailing with friends and for teaching, where and when will this board be available? What will the price of it be? I don't seem to be able to find much information on it yet, can someone give me some more info or point me in the right direction.

We are planning a midwest regional regatta for next April in my hometown of Des Moines, IA. And I would love to add another dicipline to our course racing schedule and make a parallell course where teams compete on two tandem boards. Winners move on to next round until the winning team is left. Please tell me how I can get a hold of these tandem boards...

Contact me at ujentler@gmail.com
- Uffe

18th October 2006, 12:18 PM
Hello Uffe,
Call your nearest Starboard dealer and have them place an order with Tridents Sports (US and Canadian Distributor for Starboard).
I have the first Gemini in the USA here in Hatteras and I'll be in
Florida next month doing some demos.
Come by and try it out.
It's awesome and seems to go better in light winds than the other Tandems I've sailed due to the much wider width.
Getting a Gemini shipped to you is going to be interesting, but I'm sure your dealer and Trident can figure it out and get you one.
Hope this helps,

19th October 2006, 04:32 AM
Thanks for your response Roger, I will contact Tridents Sports and see what they say. I won't be able to go to Florida next month (I am located in Des Moines, IA or about 20 hrs away. ;) I will be going to Hatteras in the spring with Kevin Gratton from Fon Du Lac, WI (windpower windsurfing) so perhaps I will get a chance to try it then if I have not gotten a hold of it already. Do you have any idea of what they will cost approximatley?

Shipping it should be interesting. :)

- Uffe

19th October 2006, 07:56 AM
Hi Uffe,
A little correction to my post above.
It's "Trident Sports"that's the North American Distributor for Starboard.
Here's a link:
I have no idea what the Gemini will cost, and that's something you will need to work out with your local dealer.
I guess that would e somewhere in Wisconsin (Isthmus Sailboards or
Southport Rigging.)
There was a local dealer in the Cedar Rapids area, but I don't think he's doing windsurfing any more.
Hope this helps,

19th October 2006, 10:23 AM
Hi again Uffe,
There are 2 dealers listed in Iowa.
You can give them a call and see if they can get you pricing on the Gemini and have them contact Trident for you.
They would be the "local retailers" in your area.
Here's their contact info:

Ph : 515-472-9828
Fax : 515-472-9821
Email : tfactor@lisco.com

Seatasea Scuba & Windsurfing Center
758 N. Center Point Rd Hiawatha, IA 52233
Ph : 319-743-7922

I know the guys at Seatasea, but I've never dealt with
Midwest Sailboards.
Hope this helps,

20th October 2006, 10:39 AM
Thanks for all the quick answers Roger, web forums Rock...:)

I read some reviews about several new exciting windsurfing products in the online version of Windsurf Magazine. Both the Gemini and some of the other tandem boards available. here is a link to it for some that don't subscribe to the email.
General topics:
Gemini Board review:

I am planning our regatta here for April, I hope to have my own tandem Gemini and perhaps being able to get a second one here for the event so that we can do some "team paralell racing". Hopefully a new and exciting racing format... :)

I will post more details about the regatta as plans are finalized.
- Uffe

21st October 2006, 05:41 AM
How does the Gemini sail in subplaning conditions (single rider)?
In low wind & single rider:
How would do against the hybrid formula or phantom?

What I am wondering is does the extra waterline outweigh the increased width in subplaning single rider mode?


21st October 2006, 09:46 PM
Hi Joe,
I can't answer your question as I haven't sailed the Gemini in single rider mode yet.
Having too much fun sailing it in tandem mode.
I think for really heavy sailors, it would be earlier planing, than almost any other board since it has the volume and width to handle the weight of 2 regular sized sailors.
So, if you weigh 300 lbs. (136 kilos) the Gemini could be just the board for you for light wind conditions.
I do not have a Hybrid Formula to test the Gemini against, but I will try to do some testing against the Phantom.
I do not think it's going to "glide" better than the Phantom or the Serenity, so in sub planing conditions, with a single rig, I think the width is going to keep it a little slower than boards that "glide" better.
With 2 sailors (around 175 lb. each) and a 7.5 Retro on the front and a
9.0 m2 on the back, the Gemini is at least as fast as large 150 liter shortboards, and faster than most of them in < 8 knots of wind.
Hope this helps.

22nd October 2006, 02:23 AM
Roger, you mention being in FL doing demos. Could you give some more info about that (e.g., dates, place)?

22nd October 2006, 03:48 AM
I think Roger needs a calendar on this web site so we know where to find him when. :-)

I&#39;m hoping to hook up with him at Hatteras so my wife and I can try to Gemini too.

Hey Roger, keep that Gemini in good condition and I&#39;ll buy it off you at the end of the season!! ;-)

22nd October 2006, 07:13 AM
Hi Jeff and o2bnme,
I&#39;m not sure where we&#39;ll have it on the new website, but I&#39;ve had a fairly up to date calendar on the Start Windsurfing and Sailworks websites for the last 3 or 4 years.
We are collecting dates and shop interest at the moment, and as soon as we have anything solid, we will make it known.
All I know at the moment is that I plan to be in Panama City on Nov. 4th and 5th for a 2 day demo event with Larry and Patrice at Hydrotherapy.
We are trying to schedule soem events later in Nov. perhaps early Dec. in Tarpon Springs/St. Pete.; Sarasota; and Sanibel Causeway, but that&#39;s between those who fund these trips and the shops/clubs that do the local infrastructure and planning.
Serial # 001 Gemini already looks like it&#39;s been around the block a bit, but it rides just fine.
You do not want to hear the story about the Gemini and the LAX baggage transfer machine. Guess they had to disassemble some of the machine about 3 floors up to "rescue" the Gemini as it didn&#39;t want to go around one of the corners. One can only wonder about the person making the decision to put it in the automated baggage transfer machine vs just running it gate to gate on a baggage truck?
Hope this helps,

29th October 2006, 12:08 PM
Hi All,
A little update on the Gemini.
Bill (o2bnme) and I took the Gemini out at the Canadian Hole here in Hatteras this morning.
It was blowing around 20 knots, so we put identical 4.8 m2 Sailworks Huckers on the Gemini and set off to see what the Gemini can do in higher winds.
Well, it sure goes. We hit 24.7 mph on Bill&#39;s wrist mounted GPS and probably could have gone even faster with a little more practice and coordination between us. We had never sailed together (for sure not on a tandem in semi-nuking conditions) so I think there was a little reluctance to "send it" regardless of consequences.
I piloted the Gemini (the pilot goes in the back here sort of like a biplane) the first few runs and we were able to tack and jibe it fairly well but it&#39;s a bit more difficult when it&#39;s windy than when it&#39;s 12 knots.
We came in and Bill became the pilot and we went back out and did around the same speed.
It was cool when the wind slacked off a bit. The Gemini with (2) 4.8 m2 Huckers kept on planing while most of the sailors on < 100 liter boards were kinda slogging.
Then I took the Gemini out with just one 4.8 m2 rig and it needed a little "pumping" to get it going (it&#39;s 372 cm long and weighs around 40 lbs.) but once it got planing, it went quite well.
The wind gusted up over 20 knots and I tried going upwind all the way back in the rear footstraps, but the nose was WAY up out of the water and I could feel the wind getting under it. Just the thought of having the whole thing take off skyward and get blown back over was enough to cause me to move forward about 6" from the back footstraps which seemed to knock the nose down. Next time I&#39;ll move the mast foot well forward in the center mast slot to keep the nose down better.
I hope someone got some photos of the Gemini.
Looks a bit like an aircraft carrier at full speed.
It was a whole lot of fun, and I was pretty impressed with the way it simply "blasted over" the small chop, giving a very comfortable ride in both tandem and single rider modes.
Hope this helps,

30th October 2006, 09:26 PM
Thanks Roger for coming out to Canadian Hole for me. What a great weekend I had!!

All that&#39;s left is to try the Gemini with my wife and see if she likes it. I&#39;m sold. I had a blast. Here are my impressions...

First off, my wife is legally blind. She can see shapes and some days even recognize store signs. But she can&#39;t see well enough to see boats coming at her or figure out where the dock is to get home. So, the concept of the Gemini is perfect. We can go sailing together (with me in back) and get her to get that sensation of speed -- you know, the one we all felt and have been hooked ever since. And she can go in back with me telling her where we are going, so she is actually driving the boat.

So, while Roger and I were figure out how to sail the Gemini in high winds, I was busy closing my eyes and seeing how stable the board is. We have a winner! It was just what I was looking for. At one point, I had my eyes closed for a minute and a half. The board is so stable you don&#39;t even realize you are in pretty rough waters. That was the key test, did I need to worry about how stable the board was at speed... NO.

On our first tack, I was too busy figuring out how things work on a tandem that I forced up way downwind. We tried to sail with the centerboard down, but with that much wind, we found we got more VMG if we left it up. The speed difference was very noticeable. And you really didn&#39;t lose much angle either. It didn&#39;t take us long to get back to basecamp. So, that was the second test, do you have the ability to go anywhere on the lake. YES!

So, I&#39;m sold. This will be a great board for my wife and me. I am very excited. Now to get a windsurfing trailer large enough to carry it. ;-)