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19th October 2006, 02:01 PM

a question of a wave sail size for 160 lbs person and a "classic" wave board (8'2" - 76ltrs)..
i currently have relativly new 3.3 sail for occasional stormy winds, and two "older" sails ('01 manics:5.0 and 4.2). my nex step up, or should i say down(when the wind drops) is slalom equipment.
so , if i use slalom to approx. 20kts , and still keep 3.3. for ,say, 35 kts and above, which ONE sail size i would need?
one other factor is that i do not need it for wave sailing (maybe once in 10 times) but more for "bump'n'jump" sailing.

i would presume this sail would use 400 mast, and i am certain it would be rdm. in that case, would it be better to use this mast on my 3.3 also, rather than existing 370 sdm (35%carbon), which i could than sell?

thank you

21st October 2006, 09:11 PM
A VERY difficult question. If you want to "connect" to your 3.3 you can go a lot bigger than 4.2 but thats to small for the 20 knot days. To help you choose we would like to know what the typical wave/B&J conditions are like. "Changing down from slalom at 20 knots" can mean a lot of things. For example, how much "reserve" do you have to hold on to the slalom gear a bit longer, for gusty condition and such things. Moreover, different sails are very differnt when it comes to useable wind range.

What comes to mind is that you should think about a sail like the Hot Superfreak. Its a very unusual feeling sail, but it has a trim range like no other wave sail and is a great B&J sail because its so smooth. A 4.5 superfreak might be a good choice, but you will still get kind of long arms when its howling but the 3.3 is still to small....

As for the mast issue, I strongly recomend keeping the 370 for the 3.3. With a too long and stiff mast, the usuable wind range of the 3.3 will become even smaller.

22nd October 2006, 12:47 AM
Hi nikola,

Not Ola or Kevin here, but I thought I would offer some comment. It's interesting that your older sails are the same sizes I use, with the 4.2 being my smallest sail. For years I used to have sails in the 3.0 to 3.9 range, but with the outstanding performance characteristics of sails today, I find that I can sail a 4.2 in some pretty inside out conditions without too much difficulty. Also, it's my experience that sub 4.0 sails always seemed so twitchy and narrow in range, particularly on longer masts as Ola noted in his post above.

Regarding your one ideal sail size, I would have to say that a 5.0 would be my pick. Although a 4.2 comes in handy on real big days, I've found that a 5.0 offers the greatest degree of versatility overall. Most important for me is that I can use it very comfortably on 4 boards in my 5 board quiver, including my 100 liter slalom board. For most of the average higher wind days that I see in my locale and on travels, a 5.0 has without a doubt been my most used size. However, if I had to make a second pick, I think it would be a 4.7, but I wouldn't recommend going any smaller than that in the one sail scenario you're targeting. For some context, I weigh about 70kg.

22nd October 2006, 05:47 AM

Spanning the wind range from 20 up to 40 knots with just 2 sails including a 3.3 size and one 400 cm mast is quite a bit of a challenge...

For hardcore freeriding with wave gear, the maximum gap you can have between 2 wave sails size with minimal overlap is about 0.7-1 m2 in the smallest size and about 1-1.3 m2 in the largest size. With my 65 kg, the absolute minimalist quiver would be a 3.3 sail size (range +35 knots), a 4.2 (25-35 knots) and a 5.4 wave sail size (range 18-25 knots). If you extend these gap borders too much with just 2 sails, you will get "holes" in the overlap of your sail quiver. For me, a 4.7 sail size in addition to the 3.3 size would miss the mark completely: too small in the lower range and too large in the upper range (range 23-30 knots). It looks like your actual sail quiver of 3.3, 4.2 & 5.0 is actually not bad at all...

With regards to mast lenght selection, you might use a 370 cm mast with both the 3.3 & 4.2 sail size but you will require an additional mast for the 5.2-5.4 wave sail (a 400 or a 430 cm). Forget about using a long mast with a tiny sail : the bend curve and flex wouldn't fit with the sail cut. With too hard a mast, the leech doesn't open enough and this will severely cripple the sail performance in the upper wind range. Limiting the sail's wind range is precisely something you want to avoid.

Finally, you can't compare wave sails with race/slalom sail of the same size. The range of a wave sail size such as a 5.0 is the same as a 5.5 freeride sail or as a 6.0 race/slalom size. Therefore, your next slalom sail size after a wave 5.0-5.4 sail should be around 6.6-6.8 to par your slalom board as of 15 knots of wind. The bigger the slalom size, the larger the sail size gap can become with lighter and lighter wind. Again with my 65 kg, I have 6.6, 8.2 & 10.6 race/slalom sails to cover the 7-20 knots of wind range.

Cheers !


22nd October 2006, 07:10 PM
thanks everybody for the answers:)

well, the other facts are that i can hold on to slalom gera a little above 20 knots (6.4 race sail) and 3.3. is pretty powerful, so with relatively big wave board (76ltrs) i might use it little earlier than 35 knots..

i don't have acces to hot sails, brands that are an option are:np,gaastra,severne and maybe ezzy.

"typical wave/B&J conditions "- i don't konw how else to describe it, from chop to 1-2 m waves?