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19th October 2006, 11:20 PM
First of all sorry because mi english is very poor, ok?

I Use severne Sails and i goes to buy all my wave sails what do you think that would be better?
I sails in Spain in north coast with big & powerfull waves. And the winds usally are onshore, but shide & off Shore too.
My weigth is 70kg
My boards are Evo 90 & evo 75 or 70 i don't know what to buy.
I'm thinking in S1 5.7, blade 5.0 & blade 4.2, do you thing that it's ok? or can bo better the renegade's or S1's?
And i'm thinking too in the small board one Evo but i don't know if 75 or 70 liters

thank you


Jesper Orth
20th October 2006, 06:36 AM
Hi Mikel

Don't be sorry for your English. Mine aren?t exactly perfect English either. But we get the point through - I guess.

For the boards I would say with your weight that the EVO 70 would be the go. The Evo 90 would for sure be a bit big.

I got the new Evo 70 here in Australia and it truly is a amazing board. I have used up to 5.7 (S1) with no problems. I'm 87 kg but this is the board I would use in most conditions.

Only exception is if it is good swell and the wind is very unstable/ gusty and you just want to get through the break (non planing), then I would go for a 80-85 board, just to keep you floating (87 kg). Or if you sail most of the time in on-shore conditions.

For the sails the S1 5.7 is a great light wind sail, feeling light in the hands. The Blade 5.0 and 4.2 sounds like a great choice to cover most of your range.



20th October 2006, 02:39 PM
Thank you very much.
Iwant the evo 90 because here lot of times there is very ligth winds (15 knots) & big waves with on-shore conditions, and with small boards it's very dificult to cross the shorebreak.
Last year i had a Kombat 85 & perfect board but these days it was imposible to cross the last serial.
Because of these i want a evo 90 & another Evo smaller, if i can i will buy the 70.
The sails perfect, these were my habitual sails these years & they were perfect.

Thank you again.
good winter