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29th October 2006, 04:14 AM
Hi Ian

My current quiver: Kombat86 for use with 4-6m sails, and a 70cm wide slalom for 7-9m sails (thinking about replacing it with iS111 next spring). The thing is, this season I've had several days when I was getting seriously hammered on a K86+4.0. While there is definitely a space for improved gear tuning (masttrack/sail/fin etc), I think a smaller board is needed. It should be used in 30-40 knots, with the occasional mental day - a month ago, gusts of 50+ were recorded, I was on the water but wish I wasn't :( . It should handle 4.x sails mostly, but maybe even down to 3.3 - 3.5 (see above). Btw I'm 85 kilos. I was thinking of these options:

1. Acid 74 added to my quiver. This year model has more vee, that should translate to more control through the ugly, lumpy water states. I don't ride waves, but swell and chop come in all shapes and sizes ;) I haven't considered smaller boards like acid 68, because even on full nuke days there can be a lot of lulls, fresh water, etc.

2. This option is to dump K86 altogether and go for the smaller Kombat. I have the impression that Kombats handle larger sails (of their quoted range) better than smaller, so maybe I could just get away with K79+6.0 sail. How much advantage do you think it would give in higher winds over K86? And there is also a question of useful (if any) overlap with the slalom (say, iS111), with no "gap" in conditions covered.

I should add that I really like K86 so far, and it's so sweet with 5.x sails (and I don't hesitate to take it into stupid conditions). So as much as I would like to keep a board quiver to a minimum, I suppose option 1 is the way to go.

Different thoughts/suggestions are welcome of course.


Edit: I've just noticed a mistake on Pure Acid page: PA 74 has greater tail width than PA 80 (33.7 vs. 33.5 cm)

30th October 2006, 01:07 AM
Incidentally, we had the most fierce storm in a few years in Sweden on friday and for the lion part of the day we had a mean wind ranging between 22-26m/s, which is 44-52 knots. I used an EVO 62. I only weight 68 kilos, so that much wind is kind of windy for me, but I think the trick is to go out with the right attitude and charge and not get in the back seat. When you get tired it get difficult (and kind of dangerous).

Anyway, wrt control the PA73 was more EVO like than the 07 PA74. The PA74 is more directional and favours being driven harder over the fin. More locked in if you like. Its great at that though, and I think most sailors would indeed feel it handles high wind more securely than the old PA73 (but I would rather say they do it differently and personally prefers EVOs for control). In any case the PA74 is a much nicer freeride board and would match a Kombat perfectly.

You could go K79 too, but you would loose a bit of low end and a bit of high end. For B&J style riding I think it should handle high wind very well at your weight, but 6.0 will not be as comfy as on the K86. So, if you really use the Kombat in such conditions, I think adding the PA74 will make more sense than replacing. For many people that range makes up a lot of the "fun" sailing. But if you're willing to loose some effectiveness in the 6.0 range, the K79 will probably just as fun from 5.3 and down.

I believe the PA74 indeed has a bit wider tail than the PA80.

30th October 2006, 06:48 PM
Thanks Ola.
Just curious, what sail/fin were used in that wind? I would have thought that someone your weight would use even smaller/narrower board in 45+
I know you prefer Evos in almost all conditions. I would like to try them, but I don't think I could make much use of their "non-directional/slidey" qualities, so I'll stick with K/PA.

30th October 2006, 09:01 PM
I used a Hot Sails Maui SO 3.5 (with a super soft 340 GulfTech Needle 100 mast). This combo is just as dynamic and nice as a bigger sail and helps a lot to keep in control. Board control was not that critical, but I did tighten the straps a bit more than normal to get a bit better connection to the board. The fins was a Drake Natural 21. I have a 20 too, but the 21 is small enough. On a PA68 I might have used the 20.

I've been out in some fairly windy conditions before, both during storms in Sweden and in sometimes super windy Guincho, but maybe this was the windiest since it was so "solid".

I agree an EVO will not make sense for you

Ian Fox
1st November 2006, 06:14 PM
Hi Screamer,

Ola's done the great job in setting you up. If you wanted to ditch the extra board (K86)and stay with the minimal quiver, then the K79 or the PA80 should be considered to be possible - but just, with minimal or no real overlap to iS111 range. Also worth noting the new K79 (and all new K's) have a different bottom shape / ride to the older K86.
2007 PA80 is definitely a better wave board, but secretly my opinion is the 06 PA80 is a better hi wind blaster/B&J ride. 80 will be very well behaved thru chop and wildstuff, and sized well for all but the absolute nuke days, in which case (for 85kgs) the PA74 for sure as long as the wind is solid and filled in, but also remembering the trade off is the 74 won't give enough bottom end to go (safely) ditch the K86 and still retain any decent overlap to iS111.

Definitely the optional smaller fin on the waveboards is good for the absolute mega days, it allows a decent "downsizing" of the ride/handling but doesn't detract from the critical board volume/size when using super small sails in hi but gusty winds (as long as the board is good the little extra volume in those conditions is less issue for blasting/B&J but the slight extra size (if well behaved) can be a bonus if the conditions get less than ideal as is often the case on epic sessions)

Cheers ~ Ian

14th November 2006, 11:54 PM
Hi Ian

Just after some further info on Acid 80. I currently ride an 05 wood 80 for high wind bump & jump - NO down the line wavesailing.

I weigh 85 kilos.

Would changing for an 06 80 in wood be an upgrade? I noticed you preferred the 06 to 07 for bump & jump. I respect your opinion as you like to go fast like me...but wondered if I should wait until 08 and stick with 05 for now?

I sail down to 3.7 with a 20cm fin and then it is mega windy here in Tarifa. Largest sail 4.5 or 4.7 with a 22cm fin.

Just want to make the right board choice...I am presuming 74 would be too small. Wind here is cross off from the left and I like early planing - not wallowing waiting for wind? and control - speed for jumps...you get the picture...

Would the extra width of 06 & 07 board change their chop eating character?

Thanks in advance...Mark

btw - Ola recommended 07 74 but I am not convinced...

15th November 2006, 05:47 AM
Screamer- you might try a smaller sail and fin before switching to a smaller board. Especially if you're thinking of getting a smaller sail, anyway. 3.5 could be good.

I have been totally overpowered on 4.2 and 77 liter board, and switched to 3.5 and been fine.