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31st October 2006, 06:00 PM
Don't do this:

Let the downhall off a little bit to enable you to pop the battens off

Notice that the sail is rotated the wrong way to give access to the cambers

Rotate the sail


Second batten up from foot snapped

Will any 8mm carbon batten work as a replacement / do Severne provide spares.

The only spares I have are from an old Gun Mega Race and they have a variable diameter and look very different to the broken one I took out.

I wouldn't mind but it was a wasted day altogether, rigged up, wind dropped, derigged and snapped a batten - what a bummer.

31st October 2006, 09:31 PM
Hi Martwald,
I'm pretty sure you need the correct batten for your Code Red.
Most WS sail lofts have the carbon tubing, and may be able ro replace the tubing if that's the part of the batten that broke.
If not, I'd suggest ordering the whole batten.
Now, a question for you?
Why are you "pushing" the cambers off the mast?
Nearly all cambered sails I've ever had seemed to derig rather nicely by just releasing the downhaul line pressure gradually.
The battens move up the mast, the mast straightens out, and at some point the cam tension goes away and the battens simply fall off.
Is the Code Red somehow different in this respect?
I have several Sailworks NXfw and NX4 fully cambered race sails and while I do need to open the zippers and push the cams onto the mast (this is the suggested rigging process) I don't need to do anything when derigging the sail, with the cams. As suggested above, the cams slide up the mast a bit as the downhaul tension is released, and they fall off the mast all by themselves as the tension that holds them on the mast goes away.
Hope this helps,

2nd November 2006, 05:59 PM
I previously queried this process when derigging ssr's, the instructions state to pop off the cams before releasing tension on outhall and downhall or risk damaging sail.

The problem I have on both ssr's and code red's is that the cams wont pop off without mammoth pressure (actually tore some stitching once). As a result I generally end up working the cams up the mast as I release pressure (as you suggest).

I know of other Code Red users who phoned me when derigging to ask how to get the cams off.

Any pro comments, greatly welcomed.

2nd November 2006, 10:33 PM
Hi Martwald,
OK, I thought that might be the case.
A couple of things that might help with this issue.
Try outhauiing the sail to the max. before trying to pop the cams off.
Maybe extend the boom a bit and just pull the outhaul out and lock it in the cleat while you push the cams off.
If you have an adj. outhaul, pull it out to the max. before trying to get the cams off the mast.
Where are you "pushing" to try to get the cams off?
If it'sd anything like some other wide and semi wide cam sails I've used, you need to press down about 6"-1' foot BEHIND the mast. This presses the max. amount of draft into the sail and the additional draft pulls the cam back and away from the mast.
Hope this helps,

2nd November 2006, 10:34 PM
Hi Martwald,

To derig the sail without any problems, you relaese completely the tension even take of the base exetension and keep tension on the outhall.
You push directly on each cam inside the luff. After you take off the boom, if you do like this you will never broke any battens.

All the best

10th January 2007, 03:24 PM

Have anyone some advice how I cann correct problem with cam rotatingn on code red 11m2 ?