View Full Version : S-Type 137 07/07 vs S-Type 126 2005

3rd November 2006, 11:12 PM
2nd attempt, first one disappeared within the site . ..

Hi SB Team,

I had a Sonic 110 which I changed into a S-Type 126. Compared to the Sonic I was missing a lot the upwind bite, which you need to get back once you have been gone on a really fast trip over 30 knots . . . As the 126 was also to close to the S-Type 115 I also have, I sold the 126. Now I am thinking of buying an S-Type 137, model 06 or 07 or an I-Sonic 125/122. Does the S-Type 137 has more upwind bite from the rails than the 126, or is that the same (in that case I would prefer the I-Sonic). What is the main difference between the S-Type 137 from year 06 to 07, the catalog says the cut outs have been changed, in which way, larger, more like the ones from the Sonics/I-Sonics?


8th November 2006, 12:46 AM
Hey SB team, no reply yet?

If I did miss any older posts, please send me the links.

To Everybody out there: Has anybody tracking top speeds with those boards by GPS, if yes, I would like to know them in Order to compare these with my own results (FF 138 28 knots with an 8,5 Severne C2 sail, Sonic 110 28 Knots "cruising speed" at beam reaching, up to 30 Knots with a 7,5 C2 . . .) in choppy waters, going slightly downwind.

It would also be nice to have a couple of pics of these new boards, no "drawings".