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5th November 2006, 03:13 AM
Hi Ola,

Just wondered if you could help make up my mind?

I have an 80 Acid '05 in wood which I love but I have now lost some weight - I now weigh 82 - 85 kilos naked in the morning as opposed to 90 odd when I bought it! - sailing 3.7 upwards on the sea - Tarifa mainly. Looking to enjoy more chop eating, serious jumping & speed - and go into the waves in the winter...

I cannot decide whether or not to buy a PA68 '07 and keep my 80 or buy a PA74 07 and sell the 80.

3.7, 4.2 & 4.7 sail sizes only for one board and 20 & 22 fins. From 5.0 upwards I have a FSW...

Having been reading Boards magazine in recent months it seems that board width is critical and if I bought a 74 it would be 0.5cm wider than my 80 '05 @ 54cm - how would this work out when I want to change down a board size?

And would the 68 be too small for my weight? Particularly on a 4.7?

Any more info on the spiralling vee concept? I have not seen a magazine review of these new boards yet. Why is that?

Thanks in advance...


7th November 2006, 04:28 AM
Hi Marksw.

I believe that if you weight over 80, you will have all the control you need with an PureAcid 74. Lots of wind often mean gusty conditions and usually too smalll a board will not make life easier. The PA68 will be very small and even the PA 74 is not exactly big for 80-85 kilos. If you're thinking of keeping the 80, I would do so and get a PA74 and then, if the 80 becomes redundant, sell it.

The Spiraling v bottom is just wonderful. Both on Kombats and PAs is makes the board turn like on rails. On a back foot turn it doens't do much, but when you engage the front rail it really help keep the board carving. Truly sensational, if you ask me. The PAs also feel very directional and secure in a straightline, and you can load them up through the fin in a kind of freerideish way if you like.

For the PA74, you'll get an excellent Drake Natural 22 G10 fin. This fin actually has got a huge range, I even used it with a 3.5 today. It sails kind of small but will still be enough for 4.7 too. So, for the conditions you describe, I think the standard fin will work great.

As for Boards and width: I would say their theories work as a rule of thumb, but there is a fair magin of error in it. Actully, your acid 80 is a good example of a board that is not so well characterised by width (the A74 from the same year even more so) since it has an unusually paralell outline and therefore kind of sails a bit wider than it is. The PA74 is definitely a one class smaller board, despite it being a tad wider. BTW, we tested a narrower proto for the PA74, but the production shape was a hands down winner. Its a beautiful ride that I think will serve you very well.

8th November 2006, 09:06 AM
Hi Ola,

I'm interested in some feedback on the merits of Evo 62 v PA68 for use as a general high wind board (4.5m or stronger). It would be used both for bump and jump and on-shore wave riding, obviously water state is usually pretty frantic in these winds - I'm after something that is easier to control than my Evo 74 or Fanatic Freewave 78 in very strong wind. Love the slashiness of the Evo but sometimes wish it had a little more upwind drive, although in the intended conditions for the small board keeping upwind is usually no problem.

This size range of boards never seems to get tested by the mags (for what that is worth anyway). I weigh 68kg. Some feedback on the concept of the PA 68 would be interesting - just down the line or more allround?


8th November 2006, 01:50 PM

It seems like a straightforward question: which one of EVO 62 and PA68 has the best high wind control? In practice I would say it depends a lot on the rider and what you mean by control.

The PA68 has a lot more fin drive and is more directional. This means you can load up the backfoot and just "drive on". Generally most people will assiciate this feel with good control.

The E62 is a bit bouncier and get smacked around a bit more. It does not have the same well definied feel in a straightline. On the other hand the combination of the short length, round outline and the bottom shape makes it super forgiving. So, if you just keep the power on and don't mind the board getting kicked around a bit, the EVO62 is actually an amazing high wind board. When you get into the range where the board starts to get seriously blown around (powered 4.0 and 3.5), the EVO is in my opinion easier to handle.

For cross on and 4.5 conditions, you can tune the upwind drive on the E62 a lot with a bigger fin. I've tested around abit and the Drake 24 starts to make the board a bit to hesitant in the turns. But the 23 and 22 both improve upwind drive and straighline performance in general over the standard 21. So, complementing the 21 with a 23 would definitely widen the sweet spot of the board. The E62 actually also feel a bit faster than the 74 to start with, and I like it a lot for onshore stuff.

The PA68 is a very fast board which feel great for powered up B&J. Its definitely not only for down the line stuff but can be super fun on cross onshore too. It does have stiffer rocker though. In kind of "semi good" conditions bot EVO and acid will let you do whatever, with just a bit of different feel, but when it either get slower, more onshore etc or good to the point where you reach your own limits as a sailor, which board you have under your feet will start to dictate what you can do. On super slow stuff (slow onshore etc), the PA68 will need a fair bit of sail drive to be able to push though the bottom turn with enough speed. In the same conditions the EVO (despite being small) just rip and hit the lip super easy. In really fast conditions, the stiffness of the PA68 will also be felt and while its amazingly secure in the bottom turn, you again start to feel that it wants to do more drawn out turn on the wave. The E62 gets a bit "less well definied" in the bottom turn but _if_ you can handle this it also gives you more option when going up the wave (its more loose if you like).

As you may suspect, I can pretty much go on forever describing the two boards, but in the end both of them are very all round and very good boards. Both will be great in lots of wind. you just have to decide if you're after the directional and "carve like on rails" feel of the PA68 or the looser feel of the E62.

For what its worth, I would choose the E62 for pretty much anything, but thats me. And that does not mean I don't like riding the PA68, because I really do. It's just that the EVO fit my style better. That said, teh PA68 is a more natural freerider and if you only do some occasional front side riding, the PA68 is probably the most natural choice even if you like the EVO style.