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5th November 2006, 05:45 PM

I'm 16 years old and I've started freestyling on a super x board this year and I can do volcans, spin loop and willy skipper, but I think that my board isnt the best to do freestyle so I'm buying a new freestyle board (starboard flare, tabou fs, f2 chilli or fanatic skate). Can you tell me which board is the best for learning tricks? I'm looking for a board that is really dedicated to freestyle and nothing else and is realy easy to control.

Then there is the size. I was thinking about gettnig a 100 litre board because of early planing(local winds are mostly 4-5bft) and stability. BUT i have only 60 kilos. What do you think about that?



Taty Frans
5th November 2006, 09:16 PM
Hi Lampi,

I don't know much about bft.. is that like 15-20 knots..?

Well I believe the 99 flare wil be good for you. it's really smooth in all the moves,
I like it even more when doing the switch stance because the board keeps the speed when sliding tail first, It's a big diffrent compare to the 2006 flare 104.. so with the 99 you will a better feeling when sailing and much more control. it's the best board I have sailed yet..:)

Kiri is also sailing on the Flare 88 after sailing 2 years on the Evo, and he told me the flare is really fast, easy to control and it gave him the feeling to do the double moves with more style and without struggle. and the board slide the way you want to not the other way around;)

I have sailed with the F2 Chilli 99 and it's really fast aswell but didn't like it much when freestyling, i don't like the sliding as much.

But if you choose the Flare i know you will have a GOOD board.

Taty Frans-nb9;)

5th November 2006, 11:21 PM