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8th November 2006, 01:15 PM
Thanks for providing this forum, it is great for a newcomer to learn from others.

I have an assortment of secondhand gear, and just got a GO 150. I use the GO with an older Stuart Bell 5.2 slalom sail, and in light winds on sheltered water have got up to the level of hooking on and feeling for the straps, and getting almost to the plane in moderate wind (my guess is around 10-12 kts). I weigh 75Kg.

Is there a reference chart that shows how to relate sail size for board, body weight and wind strength? I am trying to decide what size my next sail should be for sailing on the sea in stronger winds (eg to 18-20 kts).

8th November 2006, 10:32 PM
Hi Chris,
Welcome to the Starboard WS School forum and thanks for you kind comment!
I'm not sure a comprehensive "reference chart" exists that covers all conditions, board sizes, board widths, sail types and sizes, and sailor size/weight.
Pages 20 and 21 of the '07 Starboard catalogue will give you some good places to start.
Here's the link to the '07 catalogue.

It's huge (44.83 mb), but if you have a good internet connection, download it, and take a look at the "My Board" selection guides on pages 20 and 21.
Then take a look at some of the sailmakers web sites and get their recommendations for sail sizes and ranges for various wind speeds and I think you will have enough information to make some good choices.
Your 5.2 m2 rig is about as small as I would ever suggest for a GO 150/75 Kg. sailor.
When you have developed your skills to be hooked in, in the footstraps, and planing all the time, your 5.2 m2 rig will be good for around 22-27 knots of wind.
It would seem to me that what you need right now is a larger rig. so you can spend alot more time planing, hooked in and in the footstraps in lighter winds and flatter water conditions.
This will allow your skills to develop the most rapidly.
I'd think your next sail would want to be around 6.5-7.0 m2.
Then look for an even larger sail unless your winds are > 15 knots most of the time. Something around 8.5 m2.
Your GO 150 is a fairly wide board, and to get the most early planing performance from it you need a larger rig. This will be about 1 m2 larger than other sailors on smaller narrower boards.
Let me know if the suggested chart is helpful. If you need some links to sailmakers, let me know.
Hope this helps,

10th November 2006, 11:12 AM
Many thanks for the direction! I had been going to head down in size to try for stronger breezes, so I will look for bigger instead.

I had my first try at the beach instead of protected waters on Monday, and was pleased to get up a few times ;) . 1m swell got in the way of easy starts, but once up I managed to get some runs in about 12kt wind. Certainly a larger sail will be great. More power is needed as I can't get enough lift in the fin to beat effectively, or get on the plane in those winds.

I find the GO 150 very responsive after my Windrush Storm 10, which is way longer.

10th November 2006, 07:47 PM
Hi Chris,
Good show, mate!
I think that you will find that with the wider GO 150 you will soon be able to uphaul quite easily in a 1 m swell.
Until you get a larger rig, you will pretty much need to forget about using the fin to head upwind. When you don't have enough power to fully plane, you will need to tip your board slightly upwind rail down and use the shape in the bottom of the GO to take you upwind.
Yes, it's slow, but with only a 5.2 m2 rig and 12 knots there really aren't any other choices.
Hope this helps,