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20th August 2006, 01:45 AM
Hi I have just been watching Peter Harts Faster DVD and they talk about foot straps and having them in the right positions.
So I was wondering is there any rough rules? I tend to sail very heavy back footed, I'm 5'11 I have the straps on the outmost positions and in the middle of the holes same front and back. anyone got any advice on this?
I'm 65-70kg and I'm more interested in speed.
Oh and who ever is making my isonic 101 can you hurry up am despirate to get my hands on it ;)


20th August 2006, 06:42 AM
I've got a question on footstrap placing.

I have a new ... okay now outdated F-type 148 which I am using a 10m NP RS-S sail. I noticed that even with the stock 56 fin, the board occasionally rails up, so to get more control I end up moving my feet onto the rail. The problem is now they are out of the straps somewhat and I soon will have a 63cm fin for added light wind power.

Now I know the F-type is a fun board, but it would be nicer with strap options out a bit further. Anyway have you any advice on how to get a bit further out, without inserting plugs? I was thinking of making stainless steel plates which would bolt to the existing plugs.

Anyway besides that, I really like the new board range! It's funny for me as the F-type was my first Starboard. I used to not like them so much as they always seemed a bit to radical, but over the last few years I've begun to like the designs and thinking!

The new Serenity is wild, just wish you could dedicate some more pictures of your products as this is a potential board for me! Also I liked you product pages when you could see images of all the boards in various sizes. I hope you will bring this back!

On a final note, I was happy to see that you kept the nice red Pure Acid colouring. I have been planning to go for the 73 on Ola's feedback. But now with the new 74 I'm not sure what to go for. Part of me likes the old design more (small difference I know) and I think I could perhaps find one at discount now? :)

So between the two boards what could I expect?



p.s. Website is getting there! B)

20th August 2006, 05:50 PM
I'd love to hear what people have to say about footstrap placement on the FT148. I have that board as well.

My only complaint about this and past website for Starboard is that they don't give many pictures. Since we don't all have a local shop to buy from, it is hard to get an idea of what things look like...and the local shops don't always have the specific board in stock. Maybe someone needs to come up with a 3d tool for windsurfers like they have for cell phones. You know, the applet that uploads a 3d rendering of a product and lets the user zoom and spin to their heart's content.

I was visiting with some friends yesterday and a nice 2-5 knot breeze was blowing down the lake. All I could think of was that I wished the local shop was still at the end of the lake and that I could go down and demo the Serenity. At 15 feet, I don't think I'll want to transport the beast around, but for using in the light summer winds in Maine, it would be peffect. Time on the water is my mantra lately.

20th August 2006, 07:40 PM
Hi Scotty.

"I have a new ... okay now outdated F-type 148 which I am using a 10m NP RS-S sail. I noticed that even with the stock 56 fin, the board occasionally rails up, so to get more control I end up moving my feet onto the rail. The problem is now they are out of the straps somewhat and I soon will have a 63cm fin for added light wind power."
I've never had that probem on the F-Types.
I think this may be more a tuning or fin size issue than where the footstraps are placed on the board.
Normally "railing up" starts to happen just before "tailwalking" and that's pretty much a fin size and tuning vs speed issue.
If the board rails up and tailwalks you can move the mast foot forward slightly (provided you don't already have it all the way forward in an attempt to get better upwind performance) to settle the board down. Yes, you will go a bit slower, but sticking the board to the water and lengthening it's waterline length slightly (I'm talking moving the mast foot 1-2 cm here 3/8-3/4") is about all you can do out on the water.
Changing down to a smaller fin, will really solve the problem, the main issue being too much "lift" from the fin for you to control with the available leverage.
Is this happening with your 10 m2 rig? Perhaps you need to rig down to say 8.5 m2. It could be you are simply overpowered and perhaps raking the rig upwind some which tends to lift the upwind rail and in some cases the whole board.
How far do your feet go into the footstraps? Perhaps just an adjustment to place your foot a little further out would give you some more leverage.
Do you have particularly small feet? I have very short (size 7 US) feet but they are wide so I end up setting my straps one hole wider than
back hole in the back and back hole in the front, and then cinching the straps down tighter so the strap holds my foot onto the board nicely but I can move my heels along the rail to give better control on different points of sail.
Also, where are you running your mast foot? Front, middle, back of the slot?
Hope this helps,

20th August 2006, 07:56 PM
Hi Roger,

I've got the mastfoot in the middle of the track at the moment.

The railing is more like the occasional lift where it rises out for a second, then I push it back down.

I have size 9 US feet.

I personally think the straps could have options to be set out further.

All my other boards have been boards made by a company called Protech who are no longer in the business. They aways had their boards set up so you could wrap your feel around the rail. So now I'm used to having my feet wrapping the rail.

So maybe I just have to adjust to this? I'm thinking maybe straight formula might have been the way to go, but I'll work on this setup and maybe in 2008 go for the 161's sucessor! B)

Anyway Roger thanks for your thoughts, I'll put more time on the board and try some of your suggestions!



p.s. I also have an 8.4 RS-S to rig down to once the wind is averaging 14 knots or more! ;)

20th August 2006, 08:43 PM
Hi Scotty,
Try your 8.4 m2 rig with the mast foot a little further back.
Not sure if you are a heavy guy or not.
If you are lighter, and not trying to "race" the F-Type against the Formula sailors, then try moving the mast foot nearly all the way back and get the board to tail walk. Then micro adjust the mast foot back forward until the board is just controllable. Should be very fast and loose set up like this.
You are correct, I've sailed a few Protec's. John liked to put the footstraps right out on the rail and have you "wrap your heels" to push across the top of the fin.
Perhaps it's something you will "adjust" or get used to.
My personal "secret" to tuning the F-Types, is to use the smallest fin you can get away with. I go all the way down to 50-52 cm Debo Concepts on the
F-Type 148. Wickedly fast with a 6.5 m2 rig.
Becomes a "Magic Carpet ride" on really flat water in around 18-20 knots.
The larger 63 cm fin you've got will help with early planing on your 10.0, but you may find it's a bit big, real soon (wind speed around 11-12 knots, board speed around 20-24 knots.
Unlike it's formula "bretheren" the F-Type 148 seems to like smaller sails as well as smaller fins.
Give it a try with the stock fin (or a smaller fin) and a 7.5 m2 rig. It will shock you with it's reaching speed if you get the mast foot nearly to the back of the slot so the water exits from under the board at about the front of the BACK footstraps.
Hope this helps,

20th August 2006, 10:51 PM

On the 06 PA 73 vs 07 PA 74 issue: I would EASILY choose the PA74. I like the 73 too, and it has some nice traits coming from its EVO heritage which I've probably written about before. The new PA 74 however is one of these magic feeling boards that you get on once in a while. If has a pretty different feel from the 73 since its a v designs instead of a concave and that kind of makes it more fin driven in a straightline. I would say it has become a more natural blaster and on the powered up days at Kanaha when I was testing it I couldn't resist going a couple of 100 meters extra on the way out just to get a taste of that blasting. On the wave the new 74 has kind of a stiffer rockerd but more narrow tail and it give you the feel of having something really sharp, right at your command under you back feet. The kind of round outline makes the board easy going, loose and forgiving at slower speeds. The best thing about the boar is how it turns at speed though, especially if you do a fairly front footed turn. It just GRIPS with as much rail as you can get in the water and then draws you around (actually, the Kombat has the same bottom design and feels just as good but in a wider tailed package - a real wave board this year but in a wider tailed package).

20th August 2006, 11:22 PM
Okay Roger,

Thanks for the feedback on the new Acid. I noticed the narrower tail and kinda liked that as the one 73 pretty much matched my old Protech Sean Ordonez 255 in dimensions except for length. Reading into the reviews and having ridden next to a mate with the older Acid 70, the Acid was faster and twitchier.

So for me I kinda like the Acids as it is a newer design and seems suited to slightly higher winds and doubles as a bump jump board. If the new 74 is more blasting than the old one, assuming blasting means more easy to get speed and jump, then this is fine by me! ;) Forgiving at slower speeds sounds good too, as I know sometimes when buring the front rail, my current boards can stall a bit. When I rode a JP RWW 76 I noticed it was forgiving in this sense. But I've got a JP FSW 78 and it's just nice to add some style to my collection and the new Acid has plenty of that!! B)

Going back to the F type, we decided for the 63 fin as the biggest. We were surprised how quick the board was considering we've just got on it. But credit to you, you did say we should compete with the much older SB formula board.

I'll have to try the F-type with the 7.2 RS-S sail as well. I never intended to as I have my Protech Z-26 for this, but why not experiment eh!

I'll let you know how things go once I get the new G-sport fins!



20th August 2006, 11:24 PM
Sorry Ola.... didn't notice it was you giving the feedback on the acid!

I was think wow, Roger's testing in Maui!! :D

Thanks for the brief review, I'll let you know which way I go!

25th August 2006, 07:55 AM
Hey Roger,

well that F-148 is really starting to shine now! Tonight we finally got nice steady winds of about 8-12 knots. I joined a friend who had a 2006 V8 10.6/Starboard formula 2003 amd me with the RS-S 10m/Starboard F-148. We raced upwind and downwind about a mile distance with friends on lasers.It was fun as now I could finally make the sail power up nicely and downhaul the sail with some good twist. I tightened up the footstraps a little so I could set me feet more securely and on the rail a bit more.

Even with the smaller 56 fin I could point very well, just a tad better with similar speed and by making tacks in the puffs I reached our top mark well ahead. However on the way down I just couldn't go as deep or fast. I am new at formula gear, plus his board is wider with deeper fin. I think my better pointing could be the finer profile of the RS-S over the V8 perhaps? Maybe the fuller V8 makes gains on the way back down?

Anyway it was good fun and now I understand the fun Formula can be. I plan to get a slightly bigger fin and hope this could make a better advantage in the lulls and off the wind. I do think a 60cm fin like what it came with would be pretty much perfect.

26th August 2006, 05:37 AM
I have a question about foostrap positioning. On my old acid 74 2004 I had 38.5 cm between straps. On my new acid 74 2007 I have 44 cm !! and it seem to be big (I position them middle position) Why the dimension between straps as increase like this ?

27th August 2006, 04:32 AM
Sailpower: I would say its a matter of preference of people designen the boards but also a general trend i advanced wave sailing. 6 or seven years ago I used to prefer my straps 40 cms apart on my customs. Then I got my hands on one of Levi SIvers Quatro protos which was 44cms apart. It seems like a split, but I found I got much better control in my bottom turns.

The old Acids had unusually tight between straps. One of the things about the EVOs is a much wider strap mount. The new Pure Acids have followed this trend.

I would encorage you to try it out for a few session before you make up your mind. If you still feel its to wide, just move the rear straps forwards and the front straps to the rear and you will be closer to your old setup. The board will still work fine.

I hope you like the 07 74. I'm mostly and EVO sailor, but the 74 puts BIG smiles on my face every time I use it.

29th August 2006, 04:58 AM
thanks a lot for your explanations ola. I was a bit amazed the first session. I will need to change the position of my body and my usual adjustements. At the end of the session my feeling was better but I have been surprised when I measured the distance between straps. the habits are difficult to change after in the old school trend :)

Only one session with the 07 74 but I already love it! I hope more sessions last week end with big waves