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12th November 2006, 07:54 PM
What size weedfin for a carve145?



hans kleingeld
12th November 2006, 09:32 PM
28 cm for your small size sails up to about 7.0
32 cm for 6.5 up to about 8.5
36 cm bigger than 8.0

Most used weedsails in the Netherlands are the 28 cm's. The Lessacher chameleon's have quit good performance. Be carefull not the take the fin too smalll, board will become very sticky than.

I used at Fanatic Eray140 (73 cm) width with 28 cm for my 7.2 and 6.4 which was a very nice match, maybe the Carve needs a little more fin because of its larger size;).

12th November 2006, 10:22 PM
Hi Peter,
It depends a great deal on what "type" of weedfin your use, what sort of weeds (or shallow water conditions) you want the weedfin to take care of, your sail sizes (as Hans suggests) and the width of the board.
Wolfgang Lessachers 28 cm Duo would not be a good choice for the Carve 145 as it's simply too small for the width of the board ( I have that fin and use it on fast narrow boards with smaller sails).
The 32 and 36 cm Lessacher Duo's would be good on the Carve 145 and for larger sails and marginal conditions, even the larger 40 cm Lessacher Formula Duo would be good.
If you are not in Europe, you may have problems getting the Lessacher fins, so check around in your local area to see what brand of fins others are using.
If you are in the USA, you have lots of choices and several different choices from some fin designers.
I'm using Tangent Dynamics Reapers, True Ames Blade weed, Shallow water weed and Santa Barbara weeds (depends on how "weedy" the conditions are and the width of the board), and Gorge Fin Co. Some weed and Sorta weeds.
Each type has it's good points and weak points.
Fins with a very "swept back" leading edge are good for heavy weeds, but they generally don't give great upwind performance, and are not very "turny".
Some of the newer designs (Tangent Dynamics and True Ames Shallow water weeds) have a ramp at the base that's 45-50 deg. then they have a progressively steeper LE angle further down with a flat tip at the bottom with lots of surface area at the tip.
These fins shed most weeds, and give excellent speed and upwind performance when compared to the "sheds all weeds) fins with LE angles > 45 deg.
I think virtually every region has a "favorite brand" that's pretty much been designed to work with the types of weeds in the region, so check with other sailors and see what they are using in your area first.
I'd suggest a progressive rake 39-42 cm Weed fin for the Carve 145 for pretty much all sail sizes up to 9.5.
If you are only going to buy one weed fin, for all your sail sizes, I think
I'd look at the 36 cm Lessacher Duo or the 39-42 cm Tangent or TA Shallow Water weed.
Hope this helps,

hans kleingeld
13th November 2006, 12:24 AM

I have given a lessacher chameleon 28 to a friend for a surfsession. He surfed with a Carve131 '03 with a V8 7.5 in choppy conditions and 14-25 Kts wind. This worked great. You mention that with the 145 the chameleon's work less good, but how do they work with smaller carve size's also looking to the experience above?


13th November 2006, 02:15 AM
Hi Hans,
First, I think we need to make sure we are talking about the same fin.
Here's the link to the Lessacher "Chameleon":

And here's the link to the Lessacher "Duo":

So, we are talking about 2 differnet fins here.
I have no experience with the Chameleon, and I sounds like you have no experience with the "Duo" weed, so I'm pretty sure we would be comparing apples to oranges if we discuss what each fin design will do.
The 28 cm may indeed be a terrific fin for the '03 Carve 131 which is
259 long x 72 cm wide with a 1' off the tail of 47.0.
The Carve 145 (same year model) is 264 cm X 77.5 cm with a 1' off of
51.9 cm.
Quite a bit wider both in overall width and tail width.
Also, what was your friend using prior to trying the Lessacher Chameleon? A regular fin that collected alot of sea grass, or some other weed fin that trails behind the board to the extreme and has a huge fore and aft surface area?
I'll stick with my opinion that the 28 cm Lessachers are a bit small for a 7.5 m2 rig unless you are speed sailing on a very fast board.
The 28 cm Chameleon my work extremely well in smaller Carves (80/90/99/101/perhaps even the 111) but on larger wider Carves, or with rigs larger than around 6.5 m2 I'd think sometning larger would be better, giving both better range and better marginal performance.
Hope this helps,

13th November 2006, 03:38 AM
Hi Roger and Hans,

While I commented more recently on another thread concerning my thoughts and experience with Lessacher's Duo Weed and Chamaleon fins, I thought some brief comment here might offer some benefit in the discussion. I have the Duo Weed 28S (less area than a standard 28) and 34, and a 24 Chamaleon. Using the 24 Chamaleon with 251cm x 61cm Freeride and a 7.0 sail, I found the 24 performed much better than I thought both in speed and upwind ability, but when pushed too hard into a jibe, it tended to stall out. The 28S with the same sail and board didn't exhibit this result, no matter how hard I pushed it. It was my impression that the sail was a bit large for the fin.

Given my experiences, I would tend to side with Roger's thoughts about the use of a 28 Chamaleon on fairly wide tailed boards with a 7.5 sail. However, I believe that this would show itself only when an abrupt or quickly performed change in direction was initiated. It's my thought that a wider arc jibe or with a consistent driving pressure to windward that the board would track fairly well. So, the adequacy of the 28 with larger Carves would depend a lot on the sailors style, aggressiveness and the conditions.

hans kleingeld
13th November 2006, 03:53 AM
Hi Roger,

Fairly correct. When weed is overwhelming and/or water very shallow I use weedfins. I'm happy this summer I didn't need it, but with the low wintertide coming in now maybe I have to use them again.

Mostly I have used the lessacher chameleons 24, 28 and 32. The 24 and 32 I really do like. They are fast and also are nice jibers. Especially the 28 performs well. The 32 is slower. I also have tried the duo weed to look what the differences are and it seems the duo can handle some larger sails. Low wind planing howeverd didn't seem to be better and speedpotential hhmm both the duo and chameleon in this size I don't really like compared to their smaller brothers.

That friend uses slalomfins, select mostly. I gave him the chameleon due to the shallow water last winter. We were just speeding in chop and had good fun. He mad a 56 km/hr with his good old carve 131. I also tried the 28 on my Fanatic falcon 120 (73 cm wide) but it simply gave enough lift to get is started. Quite remarkebly the E-ray150 (73 cm) is really happy with the 28 cm chameleon and 7.0 tot 7.5 mtr sails and my old Stingray130TT (68 cm) I even used with a 24 cm chameleon with a RX1 6.4 in flat and windy conditions. Really unbelievable this combination worked concerning the large board wide, but even upwind was ok!!!

I have to admit I don't have much experience with starboards and weedfins. I have surfed the sonic85 with a 24-er chameleon and 6.0 GTX. This works really nice. Also the iSonic105 I have tried with 24-er (6.0 GTX) and 28-er (6.5 GTX) but these experience where a little less.

Cheers, Hans

15th November 2006, 05:39 AM
I'll chime in on this one, too. Basically, I agree with Roger that you should go for something around 40 cm.

I use 31 and 28 cm true-ames blade weed fins with my 60 cm wide carve 99 and they are fine on that board. I prefer the 31 cm fin for sails larger than 6.0 or marginal conditions.

On a wider board, it's a different story. My buddy needed a weedfin for his new Carve 133 one day, so I lent him the 31 cm. Even powered up on a 6.6 the fin felt too small. It would plane, but didn't give enough lift to properly trim the board. Moving the footstraps more toward the center of the board helped a bit, but a bigger fin was definitely needed.

Long story short, he got a 39 cm true ames blade weed, and now uses it happily with 6.6, 7.5, and 8.5. Still keeps the back footstraps in just the second-outermost position.

True Ames recommends a 39 cm blade weed for 6.5 to 7.5 sails. http://www.trueames.com/wind.html