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7th August 2006, 02:57 PM
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<span class="text4"><strong>The Accidental tourist</strong></span>

<span class="text">Welcome to the accidental Tourist pages.
This is going to be a little insight into the world in which I'm living, which is the same as yours, except that I am in the fortunate position of being able to wander around it on a continual basis under the guise of a professional windsurfer. Looking for wind, waves, and perhaps a little meaning in all the (potentially) random events that take place?

Over the years I've written about my travels under the title the "accidental tourist", due to the fact that in my years of travel for the purposes of windsurfing (Wave sailing),I've often found myself in one location or another cruising around looking at the world as a tourist. (ie: a foreigner who doesn't belong somewhere with no obvious intent or purpose.)

But then, in all your travels, you find yourself in situations where all of a sudden it does make sense, and you may find yourself somewhere magical. Sometimes it's for a contest in Gran Canaria, when it's 55 knots, and other times it's been say, Fiji on a big boat with a bunch of friends and a reef pass which has you thinking that it's all just too good.

And then there's times when you're lying in Hospital with torn ligaments wondering what it's going to mean in your life, why it had to happen, and whether your competitive days are over. Wonderings, ponderings and insights into what's going on in this life.

Scott McKercher</span>