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20th August 2006, 09:11 AM
Hi Roger,

I am not a very experienced sailor but not a beginner as well (just learning the footstraps). I have all my masts 30% carbon. They are ok I guess. But recently I came across older but in a very good shape 100% carbon ones - NeilPryde RacePro. I would like to upgrade mine but I am worried that I might break them... What is your opinion? Btw, I also can upgrade my aluminum boom to a carbon one and I am not too sure what the benefit it would bring..
Should I wait till my skills improve?


20th August 2006, 09:58 AM
Hi gsnake,
If you are using Neil Pryde sails, then the upgrade would probably be a good one.
If you are using something besides NP, then I'd be a little cautious.
NP masts have had some problems recently, but the older Racepro may be OK.
I just have no experience with NP rigs anymore.
The reason I suggest a bit of caution is that NP masts bend really well for the sails that have been designed on them, but not necessarily to the 12% constant curve standard.
So, what sails will you use these masts in?
Unfortunately, a mast is not always "just a mast" and 100% carbon masts that don't have the right bend characteristics for your sails may actually downgrade the performance of your rigs.
As far as the carbon booms go, it depends on how large a boom you need.
If you are looking for smaller booms, the additional stiffness and a bit lighter weight may not make so much difference as it does with the big booms (200 cm +).
Do you sail in salt water?
Carbon seems to outlast aluminum in salt water, but I've had many years of dependable service from both carbon and aluminum.
The lighter weight of a 100% mast is most advantageous in larger 490 and 520 cm masts.
You will notice the lighter weight in smaller masts, and also in smaller booms, but it won't be noticeable when compared to the longer masts and booms where carbon really helps add strength and takes alot of weight out.
Hope this helps,

20th August 2006, 07:55 PM

thanks for the reply. Yes, the masts come with 4 NeilPryde Sails (Diablo). So, basically they were designed for these sails. You are correct - they are not constant curve but for Diablo sail it would be the best mast. I have several sails and masts which I think don't match - I did not know enough knowledge about mast-sail matching and recently found it out. So, I have a choice of upgrading my whole set of gear with Diablo sails and these 100% masts.
For the boom - it is WorldCup Race Pro boom made by Fiberspar (it is older but in a good condition). The size is 200-250 cm which is good for 6.7, 7.7 and 9.2 of these sails.
I want to upgrade (the price is right) and have all my sails and masts the same instead of having different kinds of them.
Btw, what about durability? Should I worry about it?


20th August 2006, 08:27 PM
Hi gsnake,
Since you already have the sails, then the mast and boom upgrades (at the right price it sounds like) make good sense.
As far a durability, the Diablo's have no scrim, or X-ply so they will be degrading (all sails do, even those with scrim and X-py) from UV exposure.
Best thing you can do is to get a cover for your sails and keep them either covered from UV, in the shade somewhere where there is no UV exposure, or on the water being sailed.
Don't leave your rigged sails lying on the beach in the sun any more than you absolutely have to.
This will give you the best long term reliability.
As far as the masts and boom, a coat of good car wax (carnuba type) or a coating with McLube Sail-Kote or Elmer's "Slide-All" will help to keep them looking good, help to make them "slide" into to the luff sleeve with less effort. DO NOT coat or wax the area where your boom clamps!!!!!!!!
As far as keeping your new (older) boom working well, get a hot water hose, remove the tail piece from the head and boom tubes, then rinse out the inside of the boom tubes thoroughly, rinse off the extension tubes, and rub a bar of soap over the extension tubes while they are still wet. Rub some soap on your finger and put some soap down inside the boom tubes.
When you slide it back together I think you will like the smooth way the boom slides for adjustment.
That's about the best you can do to improve the longevity of your sails masts and boom.
Hope this helps,

20th August 2006, 09:35 PM
yeah, I will keep them away from the sun for sure. Amazingly the previous owner of these sails and masts kept them so good that I am not even sure if I can do such a great job myself! :)
This is a very good suggestion about the wax - I will definetely apply it. The gear was used in a lake so there were no salt water and I am going to use it on a lake as well.
As I mentioned - the boom as well is very clean without even signs of sand on it.


21st August 2006, 05:41 AM
Hi gsnake,
Sounds like a good plan.
Just be sure you don't wax or put Sail Kote/Slip-All in the boom clamping area.
I made that mistake once and it looked beautiful, filled in all the scratches, darkend the color a bit, looked near perfect, but when I clamped my boom on, and went sailing, the boom slid down very quickly and far too easily. I tried all sorts of "fixes: but eventually I had to take Acetone and get the wax off. Glad I didn't use the SailKote/Slip-All as they have silicones and PTFE )Teflon) in them and I'm not sure even Acetone removes all traces of those chemicals.
Good luck with you new light weight rigs!
Hope this helps,

21st August 2006, 05:57 AM
I can imagine the pain you had! :o
Yeah - I am not sure where can I get the Kote/Slip-All wax but I know where to get the auto wax with carnuba in it.. Do I need to put something between the mast and the boom clamps to protect the mast? In the NeilPryde mast brosure they have stated that a mast protection would be a good thing to have.. I guess it is optional - but the important would be not to overtighten the boom.

thanks again!

21st August 2006, 07:34 AM
Hi gsnake,
I have not been using "mast protectors" for many years as the newer boom clamp designs do a much better job of "spreading out" the concentrated load over a larger surface of the mast.
I think the boom you may be getting has the plastic flap on the back of the boom clamp (similar to a Fiberspar) so that will spread out the clamping force adequately.
Do check to see if NP recommends the use of a mast protector though.
You won't have a warranty as the scond owner of these newer items, but if it recommended by NP it's probably a good idea.
I do use the RDM adapters and I was using one today and had a lot of trouble getting the boom on and off as this was a newer HPL with a similar "plastic flap". I'll use a different boom with the RDM's in the future. ;)
Hope this helps!

21st August 2006, 08:56 AM
yes, that helps, thank you very much!