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27th November 2006, 02:55 PM
Hi all,

I'm an intermediate/advanced windsurfer looking for a rig for a Carve 122. I would like a single sail that covers most of my needs, which are:

50% on flat water (lake), 50% in small waves (sea bay), usually in moderate winds (6-12 m/s) . Mostly freeride blasting and jibes, eventually some simple freestyle tricks. I'm 82 kgs, can waterstart and jibe fairly well.

I've been looking at the Severne Gator and the NCX (probably 7,0m2). I understood that the Gator's construction is more solid (100% x-ply) than that of the NCX, and the boom length is slightly shorter. What other differences are there between the Gator and the NCX? Anything significant?

Any other suggestions in the Severne range / in other brands, to complement the Carve 122?


Ian Fox
27th November 2006, 04:20 PM
Hi Thomas,

Both the NCX and Gator are good choices for the Carve122 in blasting and simple freestyle mode. NCX has a slightly larger foot area and crisper feel/handling with high% monofilm construction. Gator has a slightly higher foot for better maneuvers/tricks etc and more durable construction (but softer feel) due to the full laminate construction.

The other two Severne models to consider are S-2 and (e)lement, but considering your description of ridestyle/use, the best option wil come from NCX or Gator.

Cheers ~ Ian

28th November 2006, 02:08 PM
Thanks for your reply. Very helpful.