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27th November 2006, 07:14 PM
Hi Ian
Am Uk sailor, Using dedicated slalom gear for speedsailing. Have vmax over 40knots on Isonic 87 and Average speed of 38.7.
Tried the Isonic 50 recently and felt that this was the way forward to get average over 40. However, cannot offord this board at present, but might be able to get a pro-kids sonic. How is the performance of this compared to the Isonic 50. I have seen that on GPS speedsurfing both you and andrew daff have achieved good averages.
The Pro kids will be to compliment a Fanatic Falcon 90 and Starboard Sonic 100 for high winds and flat water
I have rigs of 6m and 4.7 which which I use the 6m upto 30knots of winds, my weight is 85kgs.

27th November 2006, 07:59 PM
Hi Adam,
As you have gathered I have both boards mentioned. The production PK Sonic has a bit more nose rocker than the PKS Proto that Ian has been using. This makes it just a bit slower to push up onto the plane in marginal powered conditions, but the working area when up and running is pretty much identical.
By virtue of a flatter nose entry, the IS50 is a bit easier to get up in marginal conditions and noticably more pitch stable in some types of chop, notably "rolling chop", but on flatter water there is very little in it. The tail on the PKS is slightly wider and rounder and the footstrap positions are closer (and rear-ward) and a little more outboard. I actually find this setup more confortable for my short arse stature, but I can cope with the IS50. The IS50 layout is excellent for taller guys. I feel that I have done a bit better in tight courses on the PKS (110-120), and better on the IS50 in wilder, rougher (usually broader) conditions.
That said, I think the PKS has the potential to go super fast in the right conditions with the right fin and if you can pick one up at a price you can afford SH, and are up for the challenge of riding a 50l board, it will do the job for sure.
I found both boards like the fin either set back in the base a bit or raked like the C3 X speed fins. No surprise there as it is the C3X style of fin Ian does most of his development work with. The PKS in particular became much more stable and got another gear when we used a fin (normal rake) that was set back at the rear of the box/base. The IS50 Works really well with my normal rake TM45v6 22cm in big winds (30-45k) but liked a weed type raked fin better in underpowered light winds (20-25 knots).
I recon the PKS would just love the flat water at West Kirby and be a rocket if the course is a little tight.
Hope this helps.

Andrew D

28th November 2006, 01:24 AM
Thanks for the Input Andrew. Based on the averages you and various others have achieved on this board, as well as this feedback, I am highly likely to be investing in it. The board will not get much use, since the vast majority of speedsailing here is done on choppy water in Marginal conditions on slalom boards, however, it sounds good for those special days at West Kirby and The Ray. As for fins I will initially be looking at a 26 for a tighter course and a 24 for a broad course

Ian Fox
29th November 2006, 03:56 PM
Daffy is very well positioned to comment on both - as he is one of the few in the world who's had extended serious speed time on both.
His summary is very detailed and accurate ~ very good to have that sort of user data / feedback coming independently from guys who have really used the boards extensively in the real conditions too.

Saved me a heap of writing, thanx ;)

Cheers ~ Ian

4th December 2006, 04:50 AM
How/where could one get hold of a C3 X fin?
Seems like the website is down...

4th December 2006, 11:40 AM
Try contacting Boogie here: http://c3-thefridge.blogspot.com/

You may like to try Mal Wright here: http://www.intellimass.com/