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30th November 2006, 12:41 AM
Sorry for a naugty subject line...

I have a JP X-cite 120 and looking for some change for the coming summer. I kind of wanted to artificially push myself into freestyle as
it can be very challenging and rewarding in a long run. Probably something very very simple in the beginning as I'm an intermediate sailor.

I read some reviews and probably want to stick with JP or/and Tabou. Saw great reviews about Tabou and on the majority of forums people say that it's slightly better than JPs. (JPs - great, tabou - fantastic)

In particular, I'm looking at Tabou 3s either 87, or 97 liters 2006 models and would love to hear from some of you who tried them.
I have 3 sails. The biggest won't be helpful as it's 8.2 meters, but Boxer 6.2 shall be fine on either of these boards I guess. My weight
is about 165 pounds.

I'm kind of hesitating whether I should get rid of my JP and get one of these two. Also quite often we have some light wind conditions where I live that leads me to a question on plaining abilities of 87 and 97 liter Tabous. Maybe I can use some custom freeride fins on these to push their plaining ability in light wind again taking in consideration the use of Naish Boxer 6.2 ???

Also will it be possible for me to uphaul 87 liter considering the rig is very light? Maybe 107 is a better option?

Thank you for comments !!!!

20th December 2006, 05:24 PM
Lots of these (3s) available second hand - which might mean people haven't liked them as much as the thought they would.

but why not commit to an actual freestyle board if that is what you want to do? The 3S is not a dedicated freestyle board, and will not get going as early as a freestyle board... there goes your light wind stuff. I would go for a JP Freestyle, a Starboard Flare or a Naish Playmate

in terms of volume - the fatc that you ask means you are concerned - 87 liters is too big a step down and would not give you much time on water. I would suggest aim between 95 - 105 ltrs

And whatever you do, keep the Excite