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9th December 2006, 06:35 PM
I've ordered an Overdrive 11.0 and I'm wondering if this sail is ok to use on a GO170? Which fin size should I use with this sail on the GO?

I weigh 86kg

Best regards

10th December 2006, 06:38 AM
Hello Joce,
I expect that since you've gone to the 11.0 m2 rig you are looking for the earliest planing possible, right?
The sail should work quite nicely on the GO 170 (which year model and how wide.... 90 cm)?
Since you are most likely looking for the earliest planing on that board I would suggest upgrading the fin to something in the 64-68 cm range.
Doesn't have to be a "custom" fin, but a bit more fin span always seems to enhance the early planing capabilities of wider boards.
Your board should have a Deep Tuttle fin box, so fitting a larger fin should really be no problem.
Hope this helps,

16th December 2006, 05:51 AM
Yes I'm looking for early planning. I have a S-Type 115 with a 7m2 S2 severne, but that doesn't get me planning any time soon=( The GO I have is last years model 90 cm wide and it has deep tuttle... I was trying to get a F-Type 158 but I reconned I might as well try the GO170 with this sail and see if lI like the big sail/big board combo...

I will order a 68 cm fin and hopefully get a lot of more T.O.W.


16th December 2006, 09:19 PM
Hi again Joce,
What is yor weight?
If you like the big board/big sail combo (after using the 11.0 m2 Overdrive on your 2005 GO 170 (256 cm long x 90 cm wide with a stock Drake Race 560 cm fin)), and you decide to go with a shorter wider board, if you are < 90 Kg. you may want to look at the F-Type 148 (222 cm long x 96 cm wide, also with a Race 560 fin) as it gets lighter sailors very nearly as much in the early planing realm but gives better control in the top end speed realm, and therefore has a significantly wider overall range of use.
If you are 100 Kg. or heavier, then the F-Type 158 is for sure the way to go.
Also take a look at the larger Isonics as they are quite similar to the F-Types.
Hope this helps,