View Full Version : freeformula 158 vs i-sonic 155

12th December 2006, 01:52 AM
At this moment i use a carve 162/fin select superfast 59 cm,v-8 10.6,my weight 100kg..
A wanna plane faster ,Is the i sonic technora 155 planing faster than the carve 162 i use...
And what is the difference between the freeformula 158 d-ram 100cm,and the i-sonic 155 technora 95.5
Is the i-sonic planing faster than the freeformula with his 100cm , or is the shape from the i-sonic different as the freeformula
I also have a starboard fin r13,64cm that would work on the i-sonic 155,as the max..

Whats your meaning