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23rd December 2006, 02:19 PM
Hi all, today I just tested my new Isonic 122 with a Severne SSR 8.6 and the stock 44cm fin, in 10-14 knots of wind. I am totally stoked! The board has exceeded my expectations in every way - I could not fault it. It planes earlier and easier than I thought it would, goes upwind good enough, irons-out the chop, easy gybes, and just all-round easy, not to mention fast! Got the set-up perfect first time. My weight - 65kgs, straps back, mast fully back in the track. The stock fin is ok, but a little soft, so very forgiving but a little taxing on the top-end.
This is now the best board in my seven board quiver, and no doubt the best board I've owned. These are my favourite conditions,( 12-14 is perfect for a relaxing, smooth, flatwater blast at my spot, which chops up pretty quick.) Anyone contemplating the Isonic 122, stop procrastenating, and just go out and buy one! QLD Salty, get one of these!
P.S. I am not sponsored, nor do I work for Starboard. Thanks again.

23rd December 2006, 05:44 PM
I couldn't agree more with the message above - I have a Is133 (bit heavier than the poster above) and it is just a dream to sail. Not only ridiculously quick, but really really comfortable. It used to be quite scary to go very fast and then push the board downwind and really go for it, with this board its all I want to do. The last time I went out and got 30knots with an 8.2! I checked, and there are not many 30 knot postings with a sail that size.

The only minor point of criticism is that the bigger stock fin is too soft for me. I think that is a weight thing - at 95kg I am heavier than the 'average sailor', and if I am nicely powered up and start to really push up wind I can see the fin twist. The board keeps planing, but I reckon it costs about 5 knots in max speed, which would be an issue if I were to go racing.

I know the response will be 'get another fin... you're supposed to work on your fin quiver', but I don't make money windsurfing and the price of two good fins could also be another sail. So, its only a minor point really, I just switch down to the smaller fin as soon as possible and find that if I am well powered up I can go just as high as I would want to with the bigger fin... and use the bigger fin as a paddle on sunny windless days ;-)

I am so please with the board tho, I am going to invest the Christmas funds in an Is111 and go racing next year.

24th December 2006, 01:49 AM
Nice one Mezza30. Where on the south coast do you sail?

24th December 2006, 02:40 PM
Just tried the Isonic 122 with 6.5 V8 in 15-20 with stock 38cm Drake fin. Awesome again! Absolutely insane down the smooth patches in the troughs. Just a bit too much in the biggest chop. Only used this combo today cos I left my smaller gear at home, but still, the 122 was pretty damn good. Could've done with slightly less fin power.

26th December 2006, 06:25 AM
Hi Nifty, I just bought a Stype 93 , so three new boards this season might be enough. Next spring I'll definately look at the 133 or the nearest to that. :D Where have you been riding the Isonic in all that chop? I would be interested to know. Also if you are in Caloundra and we should run along on a northerly and see how much faster than the Hyper it is. So far I did a few runs Sunday week ago at the Lake against a friend with an Isonic 111 and 133 (used both boards) against my two Stypes. There is very little difference in them. He is more than 10kg heavier and has been always way faster than me. That weekend things were a bit closer. He definately pulled away in some gusts but in others I got the edge. Over 1km runs he got past me once with speed the rest of the time it was neck and neck. Even going up wind to my surprise. The big question for Nifty is can the Isonic glide through lulls the way the Hyper can. A 122 for your weight will be light wind , what did you find?

26th December 2006, 12:18 PM
Hi Salty, I sail at Manly, and being a lightweight I guess I feel the chop more.
Yep, all the boards are close in performance now, it just comes down to comfort and control. I know the S-types are fast - I've been overtaken by one when on my Sonic 100.
Does the Isonic glide through the lulls like Hyper? I think so but can't say for sure yet with my limited time on it and haven't sailed the Hyper, but she gybes nice & easy.
I did get it for light wind - for use with the 8.6 SSR. Yesterday I tried it with the 6.5V8 & 34cm Drake slalom-pro,( much better with the 34), and I can say that I don't think I would've been much more comfortable on my sonic 100.