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luis garcia yuste
29th December 2006, 11:34 PM
I???m 42 years old and my weight is 73 kg. I???m interested to buy a board to get planing at 10 knots, but please not formula board. I???m thinking in slalom board (isonic) with a 9 m2 sail 2-3 cambers (no racing machine). What volume recommended me?

Now, I have two boards, one is a carve 121 litres (5,2-8.0m2) and the second one is a Kombat 96 litres (6,5-4,5 m2).

I usually sail on the sea Costabrava (Girona) Spain from light wind (12 knots) to medium wind ( 25 knots), and also on the lake of Leucate (sud of France) from medium wind (20 knots) to high wind (40 knots). My objective is to get planing a board from 10 knots to a 16 knots with one board to sail for fun not for competition.

My level is an intermediate-advance, I do water-start without problems, and I do jibes 80% well on the carve 121 and 50% well on the Kombat-96 ( I have 1 year only).

My sails that use are:
- For 12 Knots: 8m2 Gaastra GTX (2 cams) + carve 121
- For 14 Knots: 7.3m2 Naish Sprint (0 cams) + carve 121
- For 16 Knots: 6.6m2 Naish Sprint (0 cams) + carve 121
- For 20 Knots: 5.8m2 Naish Boxer + Kombat 96
- For 25 Knots: 5.0m2 Gaastra Manic + Kombat 96
- For 30 Knots: 4.2m2 Naish session + Kombat 96 (in the limit)
- For 40 Knots: 3.7m2 Naish session + Kombat 96 (over the limit)

Thanks for your help.

Ian Fox
30th December 2006, 04:33 AM
Hola Luis,

If you want to focus more on the "clean" feeling of lightwind slalom without the power/size/volume of Formula style equipment , then the iSonic 133 will be a good choice for your weight and sail/wind range, without going to the lightwind extremes of the iS145/155.

iS145/155 will definitely be a more "secure" choice for 10 kts range, but if your 10 kts is "solid" (not patchy) and you've intermediate/advanced skill level, then the extra efficency of the iSonics (c/w Kombat/Carve etc) plus their ability to handle bigger sails/fins effectively will also help get/keep the iS133 going in lighter conditions, while still delivering as active and exciting a ride (slalom feel") as possible for the size/wind range.

A demo or test ride is always a good idea, if possible.

Of course, if you've more questions, please let us know.

Saludos ~ Ian

luis garcia yuste
1st January 2007, 12:30 AM
Thanks Ian for your response,

In a shop, that is starboard dealer, recommended me an Isonic-115 2006, because his sail size (5.8-9.0 m2) is possible to replace my carve-121 for my actual sails (8.0-7.3-6.6). Please, What do you think about this?

Happy new year.

Ian Fox
5th January 2007, 07:41 AM
Hola Luis,

From your first email, seemed you wanted to add the new board to your quiver (C121+ K96), so considering that and the 10 kts lower wind range -even the discussion of unaaceptable FW option - (together with 16kts specified max), the choice would be for a bigger iS (122/133) to take advantage of fully covering the lightwind range very effectively, then switch to C121 as wind increases.

But... If you want to take one iS to replace C121 and also cover the wind range down to (around..) 10 kts, then yes, the iS115 and iS111 (07) is also good to consider, but please be aware the light wind range 10-12/13 kts will be more compromised, but the top end range (of course ) much much better. The 2-3 kts between 10 and 12 are really critical in terms of ideal equipment size choice etc, those 2-3 knots matter a lot compared to (say) 20-22 kts.

As always, if you are uncertain, please try and arange a demo or test ride of either the exact board, or even a similar one in the family to give a benchmark in your exact situation.

Hope this helps resolve the choice, of course, let us know if you would like more info or discussion.

Cheers ~ Ian

5th January 2007, 05:28 PM
Hi Luis,

I have an iS115 as my biggest board and sail it with sails up to 8.5.

Although I weight a bit more than you (83kg:() I can get it going in 10kts ish but I need an initial gust to get it started. Once planing it stay there quite easilly. However, in these winds I would be happier on a larger board such as the iS122 especially if I intended to race. The 115 can be hard work in light winds where a little extra volume would suit me in sub planing moments.