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31st December 2006, 03:18 AM
what difference with the two boards.
why in 2007 only one fin.
what is the best sail i weight 82 kgs.
may i get out the sail from the sea.


31st December 2006, 03:53 PM
I assume you mean 2006 96 and 2007 97. The difference is mainly in the v configuration. Same general feel, but the new v makes the 2007 board a better turner, both in waves and on flat water.

I don't exactly know the reason for only one fin, but while the wave fin for the 06 boards was a great finwhan you used the board in waves, the pointy freeride fin was in my opinion a bit to big and stiff. So, you were left with two nice fins, but no one that was very all round for the board. The new fin suits the main character fo the board perfectly and will probably cover 80% of what the board can do. You are then free to complement it depending on what you ride. If you want to maxiise the big sail carryability and light wind freeride you can get a bigger fin and if you want to sail serious waves you can get a dedicated wave fin. But again, for what most people use the board for, the new Crossover fin alone will give you better sailing than any of the 06 fins.

1st January 2007, 01:25 AM
At 84 kg I've found the 96 Kombat an excellent board for the varied conditions I sail locally. Here is my experience with the board.

RE: sail size: My preferred sail is 5.3 at 20-25 knots (footstraps in or outboard) I've sailed 4.7 in 30++ knots though the board/sail is clearly a bit big. Moving the mast forward in the track makes a big difference for board control in the upper end of the range. Sailing 25-30 knots with a 4.7 & the mast forward is nice tough typically others are sailing smaller boards. I estimate I can get going in 15-16 knots steady wind with a 6.4.

Re fin size: The 2006 comes with 2 fins. The fin somewhat relates to footstrap position. Also, I've found the board requires less fin than my previous wave board.

For my summer sailing the footstraps are generally outboard so only the big freeride fin works. The wave fin does not work in this set-up (even with a smaller sail) as there is too much side pressure. The board is very nice with the 30.5 fin in 15-20 knots free-ride conditions with a 6.4. In this set-up, you make good use of the fin. The big fin also works well with the 5.3 up to around 25 knots. When maxed out on the 5.3, a smaller free-ride or B&J fin (or the 2007 cross-over) would be better.

For winter storm sailing the footstraps are generally in-board. The wave fin works fine with the 4.7 & 5.3 for sailing in swell & steep ramps (I don't get on-shore breaking waves). Unless slightly under-powered, there is no problem staying upwind. Due to weeds, I commonly use a weed fin which is bigger & helps if the winds are a bit light. I suspect that the 2007 cross-over fin would be ideal (when there aren't weeds). I've rarely used the 6.4 in winter. Generally, I've found with this big sail, you want the footstraps outboard.

For me at my wieght, the board is the right size as I most often use 5.3 & 6.4. This sail gap is fine with this board. This board is awesome. Hope this helps!