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2nd January 2007, 03:48 AM
Just thought I would share this with you as over the last couple of months I have noticed the odd dodgy bot registered user on this forum and I'm guessing there are many more we don't see.

I used to get this a lot on the forum on my site http://www.windsurf.me.uk/forumpage.html until I installed a little bit of php that gets rid of the character based authorisation as you have now (which is very easy for the bots to read) and replaced it with a very simple and fun visual system. It is easy to install to php-fusion too and should take less than half an hour.

I have stuck with the default pics but it is very easy to change the images and questions so instead of the cute fluffy things I have you could replace it with questions like click on the starboard logos or click on the iSonics.

Just try and register on my site and you will see how it works, you don't have to complete the registration, just go to the registration page.

It has stopped bot based registrations completely and would work really well for the guest users on the free forum

2nd January 2007, 07:49 AM
Phil, I did register on your site a couple of months ago only to be inundated with british spammers. They changed email evry time so I couldn't block them. As a result I deleted my email and removed it from your site. Don't leave your email there or it will happen to you. It was the only uk site I was on;)

2nd January 2007, 07:57 AM
Yeah, there was a lot of that before the new registration process but it seems to have stopped now. You also have the option to have your email addy displayed or not.

As many people send me stuff to include on the site I cannot really hide the site email. I will probably replace it with a reply form instead to hide the address.

Thanks for your feedback.