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3rd January 2007, 06:53 PM
Hey guys,

Please suggest! I'm 83kg and a good sailor, doing loops etc..

I have an 2006 Acid 80 and an 2004 Evo 74. I love the Acid 80 for its speed and useability, but it has too much volume for 4.0m weather. The Evo then I feel is too wide for 4.0m weather.

My sailing is done in cross on waves mostly. I'm looking for a smaller board that can work with the 3.5-4.7m size sail in mind. Maybe Acid 74, but maybe too close to Acid 80 (4.7-5.8m). Evo 70, but I fear it'll too be too close to my current Evo.

I had the same problem in the Gorge this summer - used an Evo 83 with a 4.0 and hated it, but swapped to a Mistral synchro 70 (i think thats what it was) and it worked a treat!

Any help appreciated!



3rd January 2007, 08:45 PM

Can you tell us how you like to sail on your two different boards, the PA 80 and EVO 74? Does one of them suit your style and preference better than the other? What do you like and not like about them? And in relation to that, how do you want your 4.0 sailing to feel?

Both PA74 and EVO 70 are very valid options which will rock at 4.0 for you and still not be to close to your current boards, but to understand which one will suit you the best, we need some more background.

4th January 2007, 12:42 AM
Thanks Ola H!

Both boards work well for me, although preference is for the PA80. Evo is great in any bit of a lull in the wind, but with a 4.7m and smaller there should be plenty of wind already.

I find that even just floaty jumps with the Evo is life threatening, as the width seems to catch in the wind and blow around. Maybe I've just answered, but I wondered what others thought?

Favourite is for down the line riding like every one else, but I mostly get cross on conditions, so the Evo would be a good runner.

I use a quiver of blades, and like some power in my back hand when sailing.



4th January 2007, 02:00 AM
Hi Donal,

Maybe the Pure Acid 68 is a good choice. I've spent a lot of time sailing in the Gorge, and the bigger days are so sweet with a narrower low volume board. If it's your intent to pick a third board and retain your PA80 and EVO74, the PA68 really fits well, particularly in B&J Gorge conditions.

4th January 2007, 03:49 PM
OK, then it sounds like and Acid will be it for you. Just as a remainder, the EVO 70 is a whole other ballgame than the EVO 74 when it comes to high wind - surprisingly different relative how similar they look in shape and dimension. I would say the 70 being a bit shorter and more slender in the nose area) has better control in the air than the 74 too. It also has more drive in the wave riding and at least to me (69 kilos but also very "EVOish" in my riding style) the EVO 70 is just perfect for dropping in waves when you really have a bit too much sail power. Despite the fact that the EVO 70 actually is a bit to big as a pure high winder for me, in some types of 3.5 wind conditions I still use it becaulse its so forgiving in the wave riding (and I do have both a PA68 and EVO 62 to choose from). The 07 version is and even better high winder.

But back to Pure Acids. It will depend a bit on wether you're keeping the EVO 74. The PA 68 is a nice board and particularly suited to high wind. It still has a fast and effective bottom shape, so it will not fell slow or too bogged down despite your weight. It is a very low volume board for 80 kilos though so you better be sure that you have reasonably stable winds when its nuking. It will probably be too big a step to the PA80, so if you intend to sell the EVO 74, the PA68 may maybe not be the best option.

The PA74 is definitely a class smaller than the 80 you have. It also has a tad more rocker, I think and softer rails than your current board so I beleive you will find it noticeably more controllable. The PA74 has a bit rounder outline and that really helps keeping it versatile in wave riding when the waves are not super clean and fast and when its not sideshore. Waves can be quite irregular and difficult on 4.0 cross on conditions, and than the shape of the 74 might prove very valuable. For me the PA74 starts to feel big at 4.0, but over 10 kilos more should mean it still very well within its range for you. BTW, in the proto stages, we tested a narrower version of the 74, but the 54cm wide version that went into production was a clear winnder and also in powered up conditions the production model was just a better board. In fact it is the best "traditional" wave board I've been on. One of these boards that just feels right.

So as a summary:

PA 68: Low volume classic blaster which will clearly be the most natural board in a straighline when fully lit with a 4.0. Super sharp on wave, particularly when drawing out your turns a bit.

PA74: Still a controllable board. Very versatile on a wave: loose and manouverable at slower speed but when speed builds you feel that it both has a solid dependable tail and lock in a high speed bottom turn very nicely.

Outsider, EVO 70: More bumpy but also more forgiving in a straightline. Super versatile on a wave and much easier to get vertical, especially in cross on conditions. When used to how it turns, its very good for dropping in with lots of power in the sail in the sense that you can drop in fast and kind of out of control and still get it together and gat lots of options on how you like to draw the turn towards the top.

Hope that helps.

4th January 2007, 10:55 PM
Thanks guys.

I thought about it this morning, and I had picked out the PA68 with its 52.5cm width. Both my 2004 Evo 74 and 2006 PA80 are 56 wide, which explains why they are close, but the Evo is bumpier in a straight line, and the PA much faster, but the Evo better on lesser waves.

The 2007 PA 74 sounds good to me now, I have had an earlier Acid 74 and loved it, and this board may suit my local spot better. The Evo 74 I think I'll sell, and run the 2007 PA 74 alongside a 2006 PA 80, and I then have a 2006 Evo 91 for the lighter stuff.

Thanks for all the help.