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7th January 2007, 03:45 AM
Hi there

Just got an EVO 75 2007 and have been using it a few times already in all kinds of conditions - but had to put on a larger fin to go higher into the wind and make jumps/takeoff easier.

I am approx 85kg and Id like to know what kind of 2nd larger fin You recommend for the board.


Steinar Hemsett

7th January 2007, 02:22 PM
You're right, the original Drake Natural 22 is kind of small for most. It might be a good all round choice considering the whole sail spectrum of the board and it works great from 3.5 to 5.0, but for what most people use the board for most of the time, the 22 is small.

There are two ways to go. Either you opt for a similar sized (depth) fin in a stiffer version or you go with a larger Drake Natural. I personally prefer a bigger Drake Natural. I love these fins and one of the great things with them is that they sail so good also in bigger sizes. How big you want to go depends on which sails you use. As a next step up from the 22 I would recomend the 24. In the E75 is handles 4.5-5.5 or something like that (bigger sails in sideshore etc etc as usual). If you really want to maximise light wind performance in the waves, the Natural 25 is the way to go. There is a 26 too, but I think that one is a big big on the 75. With these fins, I tend to choose size a lot according to the type and wave and wind direction, more thean actually having one fin for a given sail size. You can trim the feel of the EVO a lot by doing this and it makes lots of sense to have a quiver.

If you use the board for kind and B&J sailing you might want to look at a more crossover type fin. Then you need not go up so much in size. In the Drake range, the Crossover 22 pretty much handles as much sail as the Natural 24 and gives the board a more directional feel but you will have to give up some feel in the turns.

Hopefully you can get the Drake fins from your Starboard supplier in Norway, otherwise you should be able to get them from onwater.se on Sweden.

8th January 2007, 12:45 AM
Thanks Ola

Ill try to get a Drake Natural 24 and or 25 from the Norwegian supplier ZPA.