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eli villalabeitia
8th January 2007, 06:38 AM
I have just change my f type 148 for a carve 144 2007, i ve been always riding freeformulas and learn a lot on them but i wanted to change shapes and go more into freeriding, perfecting jibes and waterstarts,80% of the time i uphaul the sail. Also the lake were i ride is choppy but not to much wind, 8 to 18kts.
I am 80 kgs and normally my sails are 7.2 np jet camless, 8,5 np sprit 2 cams and a 9,5 v8.
what i want is to use more my 7.2 wich is lighter and with very godd handlind. Will a bigger fin give me chances to do it. The carve, according with the catalog, would allow up to 54cms and it comes with 49.