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Phill104 26th August 2006 04:19 PM

Windsurfing wiki
I'm starting to work on a wikipedia style thing for windsurfing. So far
things have run smoothly so I am now looking for some content. There are already a few reviews there:- 2boards, 1 sail and 1 fin but I obviously need loads more.

It's quite simple to use. You can add reviews of any kit you want or
comment and add to any existing ones. Please add as much as you can or post here with any suggestions for sections that are not already in the

I have not yet applied the graphical look of the rest of the site but I will do this when it goes fully live.

There is also no link yet from the main site so just click the link
below to add you're stuff

I'm happy to accept any suggestions or comment about this or any other area of the site via the contact us button at the bottom of the main site.

Thanks in advance for all you're help.

Egor 27th August 2006 06:52 PM

RE: Windsurfing wiki
Phil I don't want to thwart what you are trying to achive here but rather then reinvent the wheel why not just update the existing windsurfing wiki at

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