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mbazzy 5th June 2010 10:40 PM

Starboard Go or ProKids board ?
My 10 year old son (Pretty big fellow of 150cm, for 36 kg and quite strongly built (windsurfing in summer, bouldering/climbing in winter ;) ) is surfing now on inland lake for 12 months and handles a
Bic Techno at the club quite comfortably with a 3,5-4 sail in 2-4 bft winds.
Can beachstart .

I'm looking to buy his first own board and wonder what would be the best option looking for the future :

Buy a ProKids Go or go for a Standard Starboard Go of eg. 111/122 L . I just wonder what importance this difference of volume will have for his relative weight.

It would be his first experience with a no dagger board .

thx for any constructive comments.

Meinhart 2nd August 2010 07:23 PM

Hi there!

My daughter (42kg; 156cm) went on a Start, and after a few seasons we baught a Starboard ProKids Flare 72 of 2008 in used condition for about EUR 500.-; I think if your son is strong and very, very ambitious, you should take the ProKids 72, it has enough Volume to carry him through light winds, but also fast and "next level" windsurfing. The looks of the Prokids Flare are like the ones of the professional boards, and they are short and very lightweight.

The kids want to have very good looking, freestyle boards, and these boards (Prokids) are fitting exactly on the young guys up to 50 kg. If he goes only recreational windsurfing, better buy a bigger board.

Your playground for the youngster should be a lagoon, shallow water, where he can cary (not swim!) back if he´s practicing getting reach and learning to jibe fast, learning waterstarts and so on.

But after a few weeks, it should be better than a conventional, low speed "bigboard".
And if the abilities run parallel with the development of body and weight of your son, he should have a superb board for some years..., until you can get him an "adult" one (from 160cm and 50kg plus....).

Alex, Vienna

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