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southajax 27th May 2008 01:45 AM

SL2 vs SL4
Hi there Kevin...I'm a little bit confused whether to choose between Sl2's or Sl4's.....

Data: I am 82kg and have three I sonics 86, 101 and 122. I use them with a full line of RSR's and I sail in Greece (mostly choppy conditions). With the 86 I do occasionally some gps speedsurfing. I currently have some old Tectonics but I need some new fins...

Either way I was thinking of going with the SL4 for the 30 series and switching to the SL2 for the 40 series...mostly based on some things that I have read in the forums....but I get different type of suggestions?????

I would appreciated If you could give me your opinion...

Thanks a'lot,

Kevin Pritchard 28th May 2008 11:07 AM


I would go with what you are thinking. I used the SL 4 42 on the 122 exclusively last season and had most of my round wins on that setup. I think anything bigger than 42 go with the SL 2


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